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  • Employees Combined Appeal Program (ECAP)

    Pima County makes it easy for its employees to support the charitable organizations that have made a difference in their lives and the lives of others in our community. ECAP

    Your donation to any of more than 200 organizations through the Employee Combined Appeal Program shows how much Pima County employees United as One care about the community we live and work in.

    The 2015-16 ECAP campaign begins Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015. ECAP solicitors and coordinators in your department will provide you with the forms you need to fill out and return no later than November 6.

    If you already give to organizations listed in the agency directory, consider making your donation through ECAP to show how much Pima County employees care about the community we live and work in.

    Employees pledged or donated more than $400,000 to local charities in last year’s campaign.

    The needs are great. Please be generous.

    Give – and get a tax credit

    The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (also known as the Working Poor Tax Credit) reduces, dollar-for-dollar, what you pay in Arizona state income tax. Here's how it works. When you donate by December 31, you can claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your Arizona state income taxes:
    • Couples filing jointly: Up to $400.
    • Head of household or individual filer: Up to $200.
    If you have no Arizona tax liability for the current year, you may carry the tax credit forward for up to five years. You may also claim your donation as a charitable deduction on your itemized federal income tax return.

    When you prepare your Arizona state income tax return, complete the Arizona Tax Form 321 and include it with your return. Note that you do NOT have to itemize to claim the tax credit.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pima County Employees Combined Appeal Program (Memo from Mr. Huckelberry)

    What is ECAP?

    ECAP, acronym for Employees Combined Appeal Program, is an annual worksite fund raiser which allows Pima County employees to contribute to their favorite charity through payroll deduction or a one time donation.

    How much should I donate?

    You decide. No amount is too small because every little bit helps.

    How much of my donation goes towards administrative costs?

    NONE! One hundred percent (100%) of your pledge will go directly to the agency you designate.

    Why should I donate through ECAP?

    100% of your ECAP donation goes to the charitable agency(ies) that you select. Also, ECAP donations are tax deductible. By contributing through ECAP you can establish a yearly contribution allocation, make bi-monthly contributions and have your total contribution reported on your W- 2 form.

    What if I can't attend the training or have additional questions about ECAP?

    You may direct your questions to Barbara Denny, ECAP Chair, either by phone (724-7400) or email Barbara.Denny@pima.gov.

    What if people choose not to give?

    That's their prerogative. However, if they choose not to participate, they should return their pledge form to their solicitor with Section 3 initialed, indicating they do not wish to participate at this time.

    How do I find out who my department coordinator and/or solicitor are?

    The Solicitor page or contact Barbara Denny, ECAP Chair, either by phone (724-7400) or email Barbara.Denny@pima.gov. She maintains a list of all department solicitors and coordinators.

    What level of commitment should I receive from my department?

    Mr. Huckelberry, County Administrator, is an avid supporter of ECAP. All department directors, managers and supervisors are encouraged to allow employees to participate in any ECAP event that may be conducted by the coordinator or solicitor for their respective department.

    Where does ECAP contributions go?

    100% of the employee's donation goes to the charity designated by the employee. With over 270 agencies to choose from, the employee decides where their contributions will go. If no agency is designated, their donation will be placed in a community fund that disburses funding to less recognized local agencies in need of funding.

    Can a one-time donation be made through payroll deduction?

    Yes. That option was made available beginning with the 2005-2006 campaign.

    Can an employee still contribute if he plans to retire next year?

    Yes. However, the donation will stop when the employee retires, which means the full amount of the donation may not be reached. A one-time donation would be the best choice.

    Can a temporary or intermittent employee donate to ECAP?

    Yes, but depending on the actual hours worked, the agency may not receive the full amount of the donation.

    What if the agency I want to receive my donation isn't in the ECAP member agency directory?

    With the donor choice option, you may write in your favorite agency name, provided it is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 agency. If it isn't you will be contacted to redirect your donation.

    What if I don't understand how to fill out the pledge form and/or the report envelope?

    Contact a steering committee member, your coordinator, or your solicitor and they will be happy to assist you.

    How can I obtain blank pledge forms?

    Coordinators/solicitors may obtain blank forms from the website.

    I lost my copy of last year's pledge form, and don't remember what agency received my donation. How can I get that information?

    You will have to contact the United Way at 903-9000. They keep a copy for us.

    How does an agency become an ECAP agency?

    Contact Barbara Denny at 724-7400, or via email, Barbara Denny.

    Community Impact

    Investing in United Way is the best value for your philanthropic dollar, because for every $1 invested in the 2012 United Way Community Impact Fund, we secured $5.66 in local, state and federal grants and volunteer support.


    United Way Donations Helped Young Children Prepare for School and Life
    • Helped 7,998 children receive $9.3 million in early education support
    • Gave 43,082 Families books with tips for reading to their child at home to promote early literacy skills
    • Guided 2,418 high risk families in the community or at home to increase positive parenting skills and prevent child abuse
    • Educated 2,290 early childhood teachers on best practice early education teaching skills.

    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars - $9,349,465
    Every $1 Donated = $11.81 in other Early Education Support

    United Way Donations Helped Youth Prepare for College, Work and Life
    • Engaged 14,573 youth in quality after-school programs
    • Developed new skills and abilities of 2,120 youth to better prepare for college, work or life
    • Increased nutrition awareness and physical activity for 1,402 children and youth

    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,233,115
    Every $1 Donated = $1.54 in additional support for Youth


    United Way Donations Helped Families be Financially Stable
    • Prepared 10,928 income tax returns for families through the help of 153 volunteers
    • Brought in $17.7 million in tax refunds to help family finances and fuel the local economy
    • Helped 6,305 families become more financially stable and meet their basic needs and 93% of families reported that the support improved their financial situation.

      Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,208,880
      Every $1 Donated = $1.52 in other Family Financial Stability support


      United Way Donations helped Seniors Remain Healthy and Active
      • Enabled 5,250 venerable seniors to remain at home with supportive services
      • Support seniors and families through 144,758 hours of needed service from 4,386 active senior volunteers
      • Mobilized three communities to engage more than 500 seniors to solve local community problems and affect policy and program changes.

      Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $3,103,435
      Every $1 Donated = $3.73 in additional support for seniors



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