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    Completed Bond Projects - Transportation Improvements and Traffic Safety

    1997 HURF Revenue Bonds

    DOT-01 River Road, First Avenue to Campbell Avenue

    DOT-02 Sunrise Drive, Swan Road to Craycroft Road

    DOT-03 River Road, La Cholla Boulevard to La Cañada Drive

    DOT-04 River Road, Campbell Avenue to Alvernon Way

    DOT-05 Alvernon Way, Ft Lowell Road to River Road

    DOT-06 Magee Road, La Canada Drive to Oracle Road

    DOT-08/09 Skyline Drive, Campbell Avenue to Chula Vista

    DOT-10 La Cañada Drive, Ina Road to Lambert Lane

    DOT-11 Drexel Road, Tucson Boulevard to Alvernon Way

    DOT-12 Country Club Road, 36th Street to Milber

    DOT-13 Ajo Way, Country Club Road to Alvernon Way

    DOT-14 Wetmore and Ruthrauff Roads, La Cholla Blvd to Fairview Ave

    DOT-15 River Road, Thornydale Road to Shannon Road

    DOT-16 River Road, Shannon Road to La Cholla Boulevard

    DOT-17 Valencia Road: Mark Road to Camino de la Tierra

    DOT-18 Cortaro Farms Road: UPRR Crossing to Thornydale Road

    DOT-19 Hartman Lane North of Cortaro Farms Road (Design Only)

    DOT-20 La Cholla Boulevard: Ruthrauff Road to River Road

    DOT-21 Thornydale Road, Orange Grove Road to Ina Road

    DOT-22 Thornydale Road, Ina Road to Cortaro Farms Road

    DOT-25 I-19 SB Frontage Road at Continental Road

    DOT-26 Abrego Drive at I-19 Northbound Frontage Road

    DOT-30 Catalina Highway, Tanque Verde Road to Houghton Road

    DOT-31 Tanque Verde Road: Catalina Highway to Houghton Road

    DOT-33 Kolb Road at Sabino Canyon Road

    DOT-35 Abrego Drive at Drainageway No. 1/Box Culvert

    DOT-37 I-19 Frontage Rd: Continental Road to Canoa Road

    DOT-38 Pistol Hill Road, Colossal Cave Road to Old Spanish Trail

    DOT-39 Valencia Road, I-19 to South 12th Avenue

    DOT-41 Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Projects

    DOT-42 South Tucson, 6th Avenue and Various Locations

    DOT-43 12th Avenue, 38th Street to Los Reales Road

    DOT-44 Orange Grove Rd, Camino de la Tierra to La Cholla Blvd

    DOT-45 La Cholla Boulevard, River Road to Magee Road

    DOT-46 Craycroft, River Road to Sunrise Drive

    DOT-47 Sunrise Drive: Craycroft Road to Kolb Road

    DOT-49 Valencia Road/Mission Road to I-19

    DOT-50 Kinney Road Ajo Way to Bopp Road

    DOT-51 La Cañada/Las Quintas Highway Drainage Improvement

    DOT-52 Palo Verde Road, Gas Road to 44th Street

    DOT-53 Old Tucson-Nogales Highway-Summit Neighborhood

    DOT-54 Mt. Lemmon Shuttle

    DOT-55 Golf Links Road, Bonanza Avenue to Houghton Road

    DOT-57 Safety Improvements

    * These documents highlight completed projects from the 2004 and 1997 Bond Programs. They include information reported, as of June 30, 2009.

    1997 HURF Bond Program

    Preplanning for the design completion of two major roadway projects that were on hold began in the fall of 2015. One is the second phase of the Cortaro Farms Road / Camino de Oeste to Thornydale Road (DOT-18) that will complete the Magee-Cortaro Farms corridor with non-bond funds. The first phase of this project was the UPRR-Camino de Oeste segment. The second major project is Kolb Road / Sabino Canyon Road to Sunrise (DOT-32). In late FY 2015/16 both of these projects projects will be back in design. Because the existing design for Cortaro Farms is well advanced, this project is estimated to start construction mid-2017. The Kolb Road construction start is currently estimated to be late 2018 based on available funding.

    There are four active design projects in the DOT-57 Safety Improvement program. They are: Mary Ann Cleveland Way at Kush Canyon HAWK, South Camino de La Tierra (Highway Drive) & Curtis Rd, Ina Rd Sidewalks- Shannon Rd to La Cholla Blvd., and Speedway Blvd: Painted Hills to Camino de Oeste. The Mary Ann Cleveland HAWK project is estimated to start construction this fall. The others are in the early design stages and construction starts are not expected until 2018. Two programmatic projects, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Square Tube Breakaway Posts, continue to spend bond funds annually.

    Four DOT-57 Safety Improvement program HAWK projects are currently under construction. They are located at Tanque Verde Road at Emily Gray JHS, Bowes Road at Sabino High School, Palo Verde Road at both Alvord & Milton, and Flowing Wells Road at Wabash Street. Also, under construction is the DOT-57 Harrison Road Bike Lane project. ADOT’s planned intersection improvements at Kinney Road and State Route 86 (Ajo Road) bid in the fall of 2015 and construction activities are to begin in spring 2016. These improvements make up the southernmost portion of the DOT-50 Kinney Road, Ajo Way to Bopp Road project.

    Construction was completed in the fall of 2015 on two major roadway projects. They are DOT-06 Magee Road, La Canada Drive to Oracle Road and DOT-53 Old Tucson-Nogales Highway-Summit Neighborhood. Also completed were the Harrison Greenway at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base "Loop" segment using DOT-41 Neighborhood Transportation funds, and the DOT-57 Motor Pull-Outs project.
    HURF bonds totaling $47.5 million are planned to fund three City of Tucson projects. They are the remaining phases of DOT-29 Houghton Road, Golf Links to I-10 (RTA #32); DOT-56 Broadway Boulevard, Euclid Avenue to Campbell (RTA #17); and DOT-58 22nd Street, I-10 to Tucson Boulevard (RTA #19). DOT-56 Broadway Boulevard, Euclid Avenue to Campbell is currently under development. Construction is estimated to start in 2017/2018 and will take approximately three years to complete. This is the same estimated construction schedule for the DOT-58, 22nd Street project. Completion of the entire Houghton Road project is not anticipated before 2026.


    On-going Projects

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