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    Pima County is home to some of the best world-class attractions in Arizona. We invite you to visit these attractions during your stay in Southern Arizona. Most facilities are open for your family's enjoyment year round.

    Pima County is a Unique Place

    It lies at an ecological crossroad where habitats and species from the neo-tropics meet the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran Desert. The diversity in flora, fauna, and geology is spectacular. It contains one of North Americas longest inhabited areas - the Santa Cruz River valley. It is rich in pre-Columbian archeology, history and historic routes such as the De Anza Trail, as well as the living cultures of Native American tribes. Pima County is also a birder's paradise with over 400 bird species found here annually, many of which are found nowhere else in the nation.

    Pima County is unique in the way it has developed its land resources. Instead of simply selling off its land to the areas museums, stadiums and heritage attractions, the County has chosen to lease it to organizations over time, while maintaining ownership. This in turn has created a strong partnership between the County and the leaseholders. Some of the best attractions in Southern Arizona are found right here in Pima County - visit the Attractions page to learn more. On this web site, you will find Maps to help you on your voyage of discovery, and if you want a more Interactive experience, visit our new flash section.

    Do You Have Your Passport to the Attractions?

    Save Over $400 - A Great Value!. The best entertainment value for Southern Arizona , purchase the book of fun.

    Attractions Guide Book

    Your guide to most attractions in Pima County is just a click away. This easy to read reference manual provides the reader with up-to-date information including hours, location and upcoming special events for all your favorite attractions. Get it! (pdf, 3.9 mb)

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