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    ​If you are having issues, please let us know using our Feedback Form.
    NOTICE:   If you require ADA accommodation for a position you are applying for, please contact Pima County Employment Rights at (520) 724-2728.

    The Request for Preference Points form must be submitted to HR Recruitment if applicant is requesting preference points. Only one claim form is necessary even if you apply for more than one position. Your claim form will be kept on file for two years. Our Secure Fax number is (520) 770-4241. For more information, please see our Employment Preference Points document.

    Step 1: Search Jobs Open to Public and/or Current Employees

    On-line job listings and the Job line (520) 724-3530 are updated every Friday by 5:00 pm Arizona Time.
    All open recruitments are listed in the Career Center (see Applying for Positions  for links to the Internal and External Career Centers). To narrow or refine your search, add or remove category selections or use a keyword search. Click on the job title to review the posting. Should you wish to apply, click on APPLY to create/access your user account.

    NOTE:  All positions close 12:05 a.m. (Arizona Time) on the date listed.

    PRIOR COUNTY EMPLOYEES who are currently in LAYOFF STATUS need to contact their assigned HR Recruitment Analyst (520) 724-8028 for assistance in applying for COUNTY ONLY positions.

    Step 2: Qualifying

    Read Qualifications Carefully (click for more)

    Please pay close attention to the Minimum Qualifications for each position. All applications are first screened to see if candidates meet the "Minimum Qualifications" for the position. For this reason, it is important that you complete any additional tasks that are identified after you apply to a position in addition to creating your profile. The "Employment History" task will ask you to provide dates of employment and number of hours worked per week for each job you list. The "Education History" task will ask that you provide all relevant education. Your candidate profile, employment history and education history will make up your "application" that is initially reviewed to determine whether you meet the "minimum qualifications" for the position. Resumes are considered supplemental information only. Failure to complete the entire online application process will likely result in the disqualification of your application. Applications will be rejected if they are incomplete or do not meet the minimum qualifications.

    If your application does meet the Minimum Qualifications, it may be reviewed further by a SME (Subject Matter Expert) to evaluate the "Preferred Qualifications". Only the top rated applications are sent to the hiring department for the interview process. The hiring department may then conduct written tests, practical tests and/or oral interviews in selecting the final candidate. Some positions require testing and will be identified as such in the announcement.

    See "Applying for Positions" below for tips on what to do and what to avoid when completing your application.

    Step 3: Applying for Positions

    Create or login to existing account
    Please utilize the resources below for completing and submitting your employment application:

    NOTICE:  Friday, June 24, 2016 starting at 8:59 PM (Arizona Time) and lasting approximately 4 hours, both Career Centers may be unavailable for short intermittent periods of time.

    Pima County Employees All Other Applicants
    Printable Instructions

    Login to ADP - Employee Self-Service (ESS) then select the Internal Career Center link.
    Printable Instructions

    Create account in the External Career Center

    Instructions for Creating a User Account for External Career Center (click for more)

    Click on "Login" to create your login and password. Enter your information in the fields provided. Any field with a red asterisk * is required information that you will need to provide in order to create an account. Do not forget to write down your user name and password so that you can access your account at a later date.

    Password requirements:
    • At least 6 characters long
    • Must include a capital letter, one (1) number and one (1) special character (ie., !, &, #, $, %, etc.)
    You will be required to provide a valid email address when you create your account. Note: Your email address is your Username. This will allow you to receive status notifications regarding the positions that you apply for. There are many websites that offer free email accounts, such as www.hotmail.com or www.yahoo.com/mail.

    Completing your profile (click for more)

    All applicants are required to complete a profile in order to apply for open positions. Some positions may require additional information or forms (tasks) specific to the position advertised. Please follow the instructions outlined in the job posting.

    Once you submit your information, you may enter or make changes to your profile information or begin to view open positions.  You can update your profile information at any time. You are now ready to apply for a job!

    All applicants (County employees and non-County applicants) may only apply for positions/requisitions that are open and available on the new website.

    Work History
    • In the "Job Duties/Skills" section, relate your experience specifically to the minimum and/or preferred qualifications required for the position. Describe your most recent or current job first and then work back as far as necessary to cover your experience relevant to this recruitment. List promotions separately.
    • Describe each job completely and accurately. Do not use slang, abbreviations or work jargon. Assume that the person evaluating your application is not an expert in your area.
    • Be sure to list the average hours per week for each job and the beginning and ending date using month & year.
    • If the position you are applying for requires Supervisory experience (hire/evaluate/discipline) and/or Lead experience, please describe your experience in the "Number and Type of Positions Supervised" section. If you do not include this specific experience, you will not receive this credit.
    • Include service in the armed forces, self-employment, and relevant volunteer work.
    General Guidelines
    • The selection process is based on your profile, previous work history and education history. Together, these documents make up your "application"; make it as complete as possible. We do not accept "see resume", "same as above" etc.
    • Resumes are used as back-up material only and may not actually be used in the selection process.
    • Applicants must be 18 years of age to be considered for a regular Pima County position.
    • Failure to submit a truthful and complete application may constitute fraud in securing an appointment, which is cause for disciplinary action, including dismissal.
    • Arizona Revised Statutes and the Pima County Merit System Rules provide preference points for Native Americans, disabled persons and veterans. In order to take advantage of the selection preferences, you are required to submit the Preference Points Claim Form (see link below for instructions).
    • Applications for recruitment with closing dates must be received by 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time on the closing date.
    • For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    • IMPORTANT: You must CONFIRM and SAVE before your application can be submitted.
    Employment Preference Points Claim Form and Instructions (Please fax, mail or hand deliver only)

    Once you have applied for a position, please log in to the career center and check your "My Tasks" to ensure there are no pending tasks that need to be completed prior to the closing date of the recruitment(s). Some recruitments will require additional information or assessments to be completed.

    Step 4: Interview for position

    Step 4 - Interview for position (click for more)

    If you are selected for further processing by the hiring department the following processes may occur:

    Written Examination
    A written examination test such as multiple choice, true/false, fill-in, computation, matching and/or narrative may be administered.

    Performance Examination
    Applicants may be required to perform a series of simulated job tasks which are representative of the duties of the position.

    Oral Interview
    The highest ranking candidates will be invited to an oral interview, usually conducted by a three member panel.

    For all job applicants, including Pima County employees: If you require ADA accommodation for a position you are applying for, please contact Pima County Employment Rights at (520) 724-2728.

    Online applications are stored on a secure site. Only authorized employees and hiring authorities have access to the information submitted.

    Secure fax (520) 770-4241
    Address: 150 W Congress, 4th floor, Tucson AZ 85701

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Recruitment/Selection Process

    1. How do I know what employment opportunities exist in Pima County government?  

    The web site is updated every Friday. There is also a job line that lists each position that is currently open: (520) 724-3530.

    2. Where is your Office?

    The Human Resources Department is located in the Admin West Building at 150 West Congress Street, 4th Floor, Tucson, AZ 85701. This is the north side of Congress Street, approximately 1/4 mile east of I-10.

    3. How often do you post new jobs?

    New positions are posted on Fridays and remain open for a minimum of five working days. All openings close on Friday at 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time (unless otherwise noted on the announcement).

    4. Where do I go to apply if I don’t have computer access?  

    We have three (3) computers in the Human Resources office (150 West Congress, 4th Floor) available for use Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5:00 pm Arizona Time or you may go to any library and use a computer there.   You may also seek assistance from either of the Pima County One Stop Employment and Training centers located at 340 N. Commerce Park Loop, Tucson (520) 724-7650, or 2797 E. Ajo Way, Tucson (520) 243-6797.

    5. How do I submit the application?

    All applications are submitted electronically through the online applicant tracking system.  For recruitments that have specified closing dates, you must apply by 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time on the closing date.

    6. The job announcement indicated that a supplement is required. What is a supplement? How do I get this supplement?

    Once you have applied for a position through our online Career Center, click on “My Tasks” to see if there are pending tasks that need to be completed prior to the closing date of the recruitment(s).  All required pending tasks MUST be completed prior to the closing date of the recruitment.

    7. How does the application selection process work?

    Once your application has been submitted, it is evaluated by our Human Resources department staff using the Minimum Qualifications established for that position. These are stated in the job announcement as either the Minimum Qualifications or Minimum Requirements. If your application does not meet these Minimum Qualifications, you will be notified via e-mail and you will not be able to participate further in the selection process.

    If your application meets the Minimum Qualifications, it will be evaluated further using the selective criteria or preferred qualifications identified for the position.  This usually takes place one or more weeks after the close date (there is no written notification). Following this evaluation process, only the top rated applications are advanced to the hiring department for the interview process. The hiring department may then conduct written tests, practical tests and oral interviews to select the final candidate.

    8. How can I improve my application or resume?

    Pay close attention to the minimum qualifications; if these are not initially met, your application will be rejected. Read carefully the preferred qualifications; these are the attributes that your application will be evaluated against. Make sure that you provide all the details of your experience using terms that are commonly understood by people that are not necessarily experts in that field. The applications selected for interview are the ones that come closest to meeting the training and experience stated in the preferred qualifications or selective criteria identified in the job announcement.

    9. When should I file a new application?

    You must apply for each new requisition that opens for a position you are interested in.  Electronic applications do not carry forward as they did under our old system.  However, you will not have to create a new profile.

    10. What happens if I decline an interview?

    If you are called for a job interview and you decline or fail to appear or reject an offer of employment, your application status will end for that particular recruitment.  You will need to visit the Career Center to submit a new application if/when this type of position becomes available again.  If that position is not currently available, you have the option to fill out a “Job Agent”.  This feature allows you to be notified when a position becomes available in an area that you are interested in.

    11. What is the closing date?

    This is the last date that an application may be submitted for a particular recruitment. The application must be completed online by 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time on the closing date. (This does not apply to "Open Until Filled" or "Open Continuous").

    12. When does the selection process take place for the "Open Until Filled" and "Open Continuous" positions?

    In some cases, the "Open Until Filled" recruitment will specify a first-screening date. That is the date on which all of the qualified applications received so far will be reviewed. If there are enough well qualified applications, the hiring department will be notified that applications are ready to be considered; otherwise the recruitment continues until the position is filled. For "Open Continuous" recruitments, the selection process is done when the hiring department submits a request to fill one of these positions.

    13. The job lists a salary range. Is this negotiable?

    Any starting salary above the minimum must be approved by the County Administrator. Some salary ranges use a matrix to set the salary based on experience, education and professional registration/certification or training.

    14. How do I know the selection criteria for the "Open Continuous" positions?

    The "Open Continuous" positions do not have selection criteria because they are recruiting for an entire class of positions. When submitting an application for an "Open Continuous" position, give as much detail about your experience as possible. Some of the "Open Continuous" recruitments require a supplement to the application allowing the applicant to choose the areas of specialty.

    15. Does Pima County have a listing of all job titles?

    Yes. Our web site lists all of the Pima County job classification titles and pay rates under the page entitled Classification & Compensation.

    16. How can I change information on my profile (phone, address, etc.) after submitting it?

    Changes can be made to the Candidate Profile (i.e. address, phone) by logging into the Career Center, selecting the “My Tasks” button and selecting the “Edit” link next to “Candidate Profile”.

    17. What if I don't want to work in a particular department?

    In the new system, candidates should not apply to positions in departments they do not want to work for.  For the Office Support Level (OSL) positions, a listing of the County departments can be found on the “Candidate Profile” screen.  To update this information, log into the Career Center, select the “My Tasks” button, then click on the “Edit” link next to “Candidate Profile”.  You can select more than one department by using the ‘Ctrl-Click’ function in this section.

    18. How does the selection process work for clerical (Office Support) positions?

    The Clerical or Office Support positions are tested every six months (in February and August).  Watch for specific test dates as they are announced on our website (See Upcoming Tests) or on the job-line.  Selection is done from the pool of tested applicants; vacancies are not announced. Candidates for job interviews are selected based on their test scores and experience, depending on what combination of test scores and experience the hiring department has asked for.  For each candidate selected for an interview, a copy of his/her application is forwarded to the hiring department.  Test results and test standards are emailed to each applicant approximately one week after the test.

    19. Can I use a typing certificate from another agency?

    Yes.  The certificate must be on the agency form, use a five minute timed test, state gross and net words per minute and number of errors and be signed and dated by an agency representative with their telephone number.  Pima County requires 45 net words per minute to qualify for an OSL IV position.

    20. What other positions require written tests as part of the initial selection process?

    There are two other major recruitments that use testing as the initial evaluation tool:  Deputy Sheriff and Corrections Officer.  There are others that will be identified as such in the recruiting announcements.

    21. Who should I contact to find out about my application?

    It takes approximately two weeks after the close date to complete the selection process. After that time period, the best qualified applications are forwarded to the hiring department for interview. The hiring department has 30 days to conduct the interviews.  You may check the online Career Center for a status update on your application. 

    22. What happens if my application materials are incomplete?

    If application materials are incomplete, you may not be considered for the position.  You are responsible to ensure that all pending tasks are completed before the deadline of the recruitment. 

    23. What happens to my application if it is not received by the deadline?

    Applicants will be unable to apply for positions after the deadline.

    24. Who is eligible for Employment Preference Points and when are they applicable?

    Preference points are awarded for three categories: Disability, Veterans (and some veteran’s spouses) and Native Americans. Preference points are given during the initial hiring process only and are not used in the promotional process or other changes in employment status. Refer to the instructions and the forms available above.

    25. What is an unclassified position?

    Unclassified positions are not subject to the Pima County Merit System Rules; however, they are subject to the Pima County Personnel Policies. Unclassified positions usually have class codes in the seven thousand series (7115, 7120, etc.) and are identified as unclassified in the announcement. These positions are usually referred to as "at will" employment.

    26. Does Pima County conduct background checks?

    Pima County conducts background checks on some positions depending on the department. Most all positions in the Sheriff's Department and County Attorney's Office require background checks. If you are subject to a background check, you will be advised of such by the hiring department. In addition, it is common practice to conduct reference checks on new employees. All applicants are asked to sign an electronic release for reference checks.

    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.  View the Pima County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP).

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    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.

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