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  • Regional Road Repair Program - Pavement Preservation

    What is Pavement Preservation

    Pavement Preservation is the treatment of existing roadway surfaces to extend their useful life. There are several types of treatments that can be applied depending on the condition of the road and whether the intent is to preserve the existing condition as long as optimal or to improve the condition. 

    Pavement preservation options

    Fog Seal

    Four-year lifespan. A light application of slow setting asphalt emulsion applied to the surface of a bituminous pavement. Fog seals are used to renew aged asphalt surfaces, seal small cracks and surface voids, or adjust the quality of binder in newly applied chip seals.

    Chip Seal

    Seven-year lifespan. A surface treatment in which the pavement is sprayed with asphalt and then covered with aggregate and rolled. Chip seals are used primarily to seal the surface of a pavement with non load-associated cracks and to improve surface friction on low volume streets.

    Micro Surface

    Seven-year lifespan. This treatment provides a “skim coat” of a restorative asphalt to the existing pavement surface, filling minor cracks and correcting pavement defects such as rutting and raveling when applied.

    Mill and Overlay

    15 year lifespan. This process removes a defined thickness of the surface of the existing asphalt pavement, and after observed defects are corrected, the same thickness is replaced with new asphalt thereby returning the pavement to a nearly new condition. This is the second most expensive pavement treatment option.


    20 year lifespan. Complete design and pavement replacement of an existing roadway.

    Current Roadway Repair Programs

    The Board of Supervisors initiated two roadway repair programs for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year. The first program will utilize a portion of Pima County's state shared revenues to repair collector and arterial roadways. The second relies on local property taxes to fund pavement preservation for local and neighborhood roadways.
    • Local Road Repair Program

      With approval of the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget, Supervisors included a separate 25-cent primary property tax to fund neighborhood road repairs. The 25-cent property tax for road repairs was offset partially by lowering the existing primary property tax by eight-cents, the Flood Control District rate by two-cents and the Library District property tax one-cent.

      The Board of Supervisors chose to divide road-repair revenue into two categories: base funding (the 11-cents of the 25-cent primary property tax increased that would be fiscally neutral, based on reductions to the existing primary and secondary rates) and accelerated funding (based on the remaining 14-cents of the 25-cent primary property tax increase). 

      The 13-member Transportation Advisory Committee will prioritize road repairs throughout the County, including incorporated areas, in coordination with counterparts in the cities and towns. Their recommendations will be sent to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. 

      Local Road Repair Program Pavement Preservation Schedule.

    • Arterial and Collector Pavement Preservation Program

    • The Board of Supervisors allocated $6 million of Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) and Vehicle License Tax (VLT) for preservation and repairs of arterial and collector roads in Fiscal Year 2017-18. 

      The County will use the money to repair and preserve a portion of the 669-miles of County maintained roadways. As much as 134 miles of County roads have been rated failed and another 449 miles rated in poor condition. 

      The Pima County Department of Transportation selected a list of 32 sections of County maintained roadways to be repaired. 

      Arterial and Collector Pavement Preservation Schedule for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 2017 to June2018)

      $16 Million Collector/Arterial Pavement Repair FY 19 Recommended Roadways 
      $16 Million Collector/Arterial FY19 Phase 1-2 Map

      $16 Million Collector/Arterial Pavement Repair FY 20 Recommended Roadways   
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