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  • Indigent Cremation & Burial Program Services, Rules and Regulations

    1. If determined eligible for indigent cremation/burial services, you are fully bound by the rules and regulations governing this program.
    2. Due to an extremely limited budget, we are unable to provide elaborate or ornate cremation/burial arrangements. However, this program is committed to providing dignified and respectable cremation/burial arrangements for your loved one.
    3. Pima County contracts with a private vendor for all mortuary and cemetery services, including casket selection. All services will be provided solely by this provider. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    4. If eligible for this program, you may select a body burial or cremation to dispose of your loved one. Please be informed that there are two caskets to each plot.
    5. If cremation is selected, the County will not authorize this service. Instead, the decedent's spouse or next of kin must personally authorize the mortuary to perform this service. Although, Pima County will pay all cremation costs, we will not authorize payment for embalming of the body for viewing or other purposes. Finally, if you and your family choose to have the decedent's ashes shipped, you must make and pay for all costs incurred for these arrangements.
    6. If body burial is selected, the decedent will be laid to rest in Pima County's cemetery, unless prior to death a plot was purchased or provided for or one was donated by someone other than family member(s).
    7. Pima County will assume responsibility for transportation of the decedent's body to the Pima County cemetery, but not for family or friends. Graveside services may be available, but must be negotiated directly with the funeral provider. Pima County will not provide chairs or canopies. Transportation to and from a church for services and then to the cemetery will not be provided.
    8. The mortuary has established rules governing visitation with the decedent's body. These options must be discussed and arranged directly with the mortuary pursuant to these rules.
    9. Pima County cemetery plots will be opened, lined and closed.
    10. Pima County will provide the decedent with a headstone, listing the name and years of birth and death. Initially, a temporary headstone will be installed for approximately six (6) months. Thereafter, a permanent headstone will be placed.
    11. The next of kin may expend a maximum of $250.00 from personal funds for decedent's clothing, memory book, flowers, clergy fees, etc. No additional service upgrades will be permitted.
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