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    Local Emergency Planning CommitteeIn 1986, as a result of several catastrophic hazardous materials releases in the United States and overseas, Congress passed the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act. Title III "Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know" calls for the establishment of State emergency response commissions, which in turn are tasked with appointing local emergency planning committees (LEPCs) to develop strategies to prevent, respond to and mitigate hazardous materials releases. The enforcement elements of this law are found in the Code of Federal Regulations overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Each LEPC is made up of elected officials, first responders, business owners/operators and individuals from community organizations, print and broadcast media, emergency management, and environmental and health agencies. LEPC members volunteer their time to carry out the requirements of the law and the local mission. This group actively works with business owners and operators, first responders, and the communities within a jurisdiction to ensure that preparedness and response actions are in place.



    Members Needed

    In October 1986, the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) was enacted by Congress under President Regan.  EPCRA is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

    If you represent a hazardous materials business, transporter, first response agency, elected official, media official, or volunteer group, the law encourages you to become a member of this local committee,  The Pima County LEPC is always seeking people from these areas or disciplines to be members of this active community committee. Read more...


    The Pima County LEPC was established in 1987 in response to the requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA).  The Board of Supervisors authorized this committee to function in Pima County on June 5, 1987.  The LEPC functioned under the direction of the Health Department originally and now resides under the Office of Emergency Management.

    The Pima County LEPC has met consistenly since that time, developing and maintaining the Hazardous Materials Response Plan, obtaining equipment for the first responders, providing community preparedness information and working with local businesses to ensure hazardous materials safety within the community.


    Continue and Improve Public Information:

    • Engage citizens, business owners/operators, community leadership
    • Get involved with community groups
    • Develop media and social media interest in our activities

    Hazardous Materials Response Team Support:

    • Support and provide educational opportunities for first responders
    • Improve the knowledge of the roles & responsibilities of the LEPC members
    • Provide an understanding of how LEPC requirements assist the community

    Outreach for the Pima County Businesses:

    • Improve technical services to the business community
    • Assist and provide support to businesses in preparedness planning
    • Continue to provide educational opportunities

    Better support of the membership on the various subcommittees and LEPC activities:

    • Continue to maintain the responsibilities and requirements identified in EPCRA and the Arizona Revised Statues

    EPCRA: What it means to State, Tribe, Local Agencies and the Community

    This training program was developed by EPA to educate LEPC Members and the commuity on the elements of EPCRA.  This is EPA Course provides a good overview on EPCRA and CERCLA components appropriate for LEPC Members and the hazardous materials community/industry.  Pima County LEPC Members are encouraged to complete the training to become better educated with EPCRA and to better understand thier role as an LEPC Member.


    2017 Hazardous Materials Safety Workshop (Wednesday January 25, 2017)

    • Presentations posted soon

    Safety Performance Indicators Program


    2016 Emergency Response Guidebooks

    2016 ERG2016 Emergency Response Guidebooks are coming soon!

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