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  • Planning and Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is an advisory body of ten members appointed by the Board of Supervisors, with two members from each Supervisors District.  The Planning and Zoning Commission make recommendations to the Supervisors for comprehensive plan updates and amendments, zoning code amendments, specific plans and rezonings.

    Meeting Time and Dates: Regular Public Hearings of the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission are held at 9:00 A.M. on the last Wednesday of every month (except for Wednesday Holidays, which will meet on the Thursday thereafter).

    Location: Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Pima County Administration Building, 130 W. Congress St., 1st Floor, Tucson, Arizona 85701.

    Agendas: Planning and Zoning Commission agendas are available at the Public Works Building, Development Services/Planning Division, 2nd floor, 201 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, Arizona and the Pima County Administration Building, 130 W. Congress St., 1st and 5th Floors, Tucson, Arizona. Agendas are posted online as soon as they are available.

    Planning and Zoning Commission Policy

    Disclosure Statement:  Identifies locations where all notices are posted.

    2014 Hearing Dates and Agendas


    Meeting Date (Agenda) and Staff Report                     Meeting Summary
    January 29 Summary
    February 26 Summary
    March 26 Summary
    April 30   Summary
    May 28  Summary
    June 25   - Canceled  
    July 30 Summary
    August 27 Summary 
    September 24  Summary
    October 29  Summary
    November 26  Summary
    December 17* - Canceled  
    Notice:  * Dates created due to Holidays falling on the last Wednesday of the month.  

    2013 Hearing Dates and Agendas

    Meeting Date/Agenda/Staff Report  Meeting Summary
    January 30 - Canceled  
     February 27  February 27
     March 27  March 27
     April 24 - Canceled  
     May 29  May 29
     June 26  June 26
     July 31 - Revised  July 31
     August 28  August 28
     September 25  September 25
     October 30 - Canceled  
     November 27 - Canceled  
     December 25 - Canceled  

    2012 Hearing Dates and Agendas 

    Meeting Date/Agenda/Staff Report Meeting  Summary               
    January 25  January 25
     February 29  February 29
     March 28  March 28
     April 12 - Special Event  
     April 25 - Canceled  
     May 30  May 30
     June 27  June 27
     July 25  July 25
     August 29  August 29
     September 26 - Canceled  
     October 31  October 31
     November 28  November 28
     December 30 - Canceled  
    Development Services
    Planning Division

    (520) 724-9000

    Celia Turner
    Commission Coordinator

    Location of Meetings

    Pima County Administration Building
    1st Floor Hearing Room
    130 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701