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    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please attend a regularly scheduled  Volunteer Open House, where you will get all the information you need about our Volunteer Program. You do not need to register for the Open House, simply show up! The Open House will be approximately 45 minutes long and will take place in the Administration Building located in the grey double-wide trailer behind the shelter and clinic.

    The Volunteer Dept is currently in a transition period and we won’t be accepting new volunteers until the middle of January 2016.

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    There are plenty of opportunities to help:

    July 4th Dog Walk
    • Adoption hosts. The great thing about Pima Animal Care Center is there are so many wonderful pets to choose from!  But that also means it can be overwhelming to choose. It makes a huge difference to potential adopters to have a friendly person greet them and help them find the best fit and the best partnership.
    • Off-site opportunities. When we take our animals out into the community where people are live and shop, it’s not only a great opportunity to show off how charming our animals are, but it’s also a chance to introduce folks to the steps they can take that will help reduce the number of homeless pets. Events vary monthly and volunteers can determine which ones best fit their schedule. 
    • Dog walking and cat socialization. It’s very important that our animals have lots of opportunities for socialization, as well as exercise and positive stimulation. It sounds simple, but just walking a dog or cuddling a cat can give him hope and save his life.
    • Groomers. If you’ve got a big date or a big event, you’re going to want to bring the chic. Same with our animals. It’s hard to strut when you aren’t wearing your best coat. If you’ve got the skills, we’ve got grateful clients.
    • Enrichment. Whether you’re a crafty soul who can help us with projects that can stimulate the animals and stave off boredom, or whether you have some time to do a little behavior training with our dogs so they are better at minding their manners, we have a job for you.
    • Outreach Volunteer. Help educate the public about Pima Animal Care Center, our mission and services. Outreach volunteers should be outgoing, friendly people. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: seeking out public speaking opportunities, providing educational presentations on animal issues such as bite safety and responsible pet ownership to schools, HOAs and community groups, and distributing promotional materials at events and local businesses. 
    • Office support. We always need help with data entry, answering the phones and supporting rescue operations. If you have the time, we can put your organizational skills to good use.

    This is just a partial list of the ways you can help our animals.

    While our minimum age to volunteer is 16, we do have a Generations Program, where youth between the ages of 11-15 years old can pair up with a parent or guardian.

    Internships: We are accepting internship applications for college students who want to gain experience in animal welfare and volunteer management. Possible internships include working with the Rescue Department, Adoptions Department and Volunteer Department.

    Holiday Dog Walk RSVP

    Thank you for your interest in walking and socializing Pima County’s homeless pets. On the day of the event, please bring water; wear close-toed shoes, and appropriate dress that you don’t mind getting dirty. Looking forward to seeing you then!

    Thank you for your support! The 2015 Thanksgiving Dog Walk is now filled. Please check back for further Holiday Dog Walks here at PACC.

    Please fill-out the waiver and bring the day of the event. - Volunteer Waiver

    Volunteer of the Month

    Thank YOU Valuable Volunteers!
    We just couldn't accomplish all that we do for the pets and our community if it was not for the hundreds of amazing volunteers that support the lifesaving work we do. The Volunteer of the Month program was started to recognize those amazing people behind all the hard work, love, and advocacy for our homeless pets.

    Each month, we will select a sPETacular volunteer or volunteers who has gone above and beyond to ensure our pet's health and comfort. Anyone can nominate a volunteer or share their "Paws Up" kudos for a job well done. Nomination forms will be available near the volunteer log in station at the shelter.

    October Volunteers of the Month

    Volunteers are the heart and soul of our shelter! Without grassroots outreach help from groups like SaddleBrooke Wags and Walkers, we would not be able to have so many wonderful offsite adoption events. We have been very fortunate to enjoy over ten years of loving dedication from this amazing group of volunteers. That is why our October Volunteer of the Month feature honors ALL the men and women of SaddleBrooke Wags and Walkers! We appreciate you.
    October Volunteer of the Month
    There is SO much that goes on behind the scenes when planning an off-site adoption event. From coordinating and recruiting volunteers, to working with PACC staff, to safely loading and transporting pets on the day of the event, a lot of work goes into making it a success.  Moreover, that is just the beginning of the fun! Once the event starts, these tireless volunteers keep our pets comfortable, advocate for their adoption with the public, and educate our community about the need to adopt, donate, foster, and volunteer in support of our local community shelter. 

    The off-site adoption program, originally founded in 2004 by this special group of volunteers,, has grown far and wide in the Tucson community and greater Pima County. Last year we were able to adopt over 800 pets because of this program! That is a record-breaking number of off-site adoptions. From all of us at PACC, THANK YOU!

    September Volunteers of the Month

    September VOM at PACC

    Meet our September Volunteers of the Month: David and Deidre Downey! This is one very special volunteer couple. From walking some of our most energetic dogs, to counseling potential adopters on the right match, to setting up the walker board which ensures our potty-trained pups get their bathroom breaks, Deidre and David give a lot of their passion and energy to our homeless pets. Even though they have a handful of their own pets, they even manage to take on foster pets when we are in extreme need! We cannot thank them enough for all they do for the pets, and they always do it with a smile. 

    When asked what motivates them to volunteer they said, “We have always thought about volunteering at PACC but the decision to do so came when we lost our dog, Toro, to cancer. Toro was a dog that nobody seemed to want. Not only did this poor dog sit in a kennel for 8 months but he was transferred from foster to foster...Nobody would give this 100 lb. lovable American Bulldog a chance. My husband and I adopted him and he totally changed our lives...We became volunteers for PACC in his honor. To help all the unwanted dogs out there to find their loving homes and change someone else's life. And in the meantime while they are waiting for their own family we want them to know they are all loved and give them as much attention as we can possibly give.”

    Paws Up From Fellow Peers: “Deidre and David have been amazing in working to network and care for so many of Pima County’s homeless pets.” 

    August Volunteers of the Month

    Meet the fabulous husband-and-wife team, Jim and Carol Davis!
    Among the many donations of timPACC August VOMe, talent and treasure, Jim and Carol have also stepped up in the cat-adoption room to work with and lead ot
    her volunteers in caring for and advocating for our cats. When our cat program was being restructured last year, Jim offered to lead the training and has done so since. Additionally, they have been partnering with our new cat care leads in assisting with an array of new beneficial programs.
    Paws Up From Fellow Peers: "Jim's trainings are very well done, attentive to detail, and informative and Carol has been very helpful in welcoming and coaching new volunteers. "
    A HUGE thanks to all our volunteer couples who dedicate shared time together to help out our homeless pets!

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