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    To help, please call Development Director Karen Hollish at (520) 724-5984 or email us.

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    As our community’s only open-admission animal shelter, Pima Animal Care Center takes in every lost, abandoned and ailing pet who comes to our doors. In fact, we cared for 24,000 pets last fiscal year, including those who came to us in abuse or neglect cases. Your support is making it possible for us to save more of their lives than ever before!

    You can make your tax-deductible gift online, or you can send a check made out to "Pima Animal Care Center" to 4000 N. Silverbell Rd., Tucson, AZ 85745. Or call us at the number above, and we'll be happy to take your gift over the phone!

    Donations to Pima County are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code § 170(c)(1), and our tax ID number is 86-6000543.

    Online Donations

    For your convenience, you can contribute online, through the mail, in person, or over the phone using a credit or debit card. We offer five funds, allowing you to steer your contribution to your top priorities.

    Wish List

    Perhaps you’re a groomer and you would like to help some of our furry friends look more presentable. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind picking up a second box of dog biscuits when you buy treats for your own buddy. It takes a lot of resources to care for animals that need our help, so anything you can contribute helps.   Donate to Pima Animal Care Center

    In fact, you can help without ever leaving your couch! It's that easy! Just check out our Amazon Wish List. We update it frequently to reflect our pets' most pressing needs.

    Among other needed items:

    • Pâté-style canned cat, dog, puppy and kitten food. This is the easiest style of food for our pets to eat, and it allows our Medical Team to make medication-delivering "meatballs."
    • Kitten and puppy milk formula / milk replacer.
    • Pill Pockets. 
    • Disposable blue gowns, like you might see in medical offices, and disposable shoe covers, too.
    • Small cat litter pans,
    • Towels and blankets (without stuffing, please). 
    • Crates.
    • Plastic cat toys that can be cleaned and sanitized. 


    Consider making a gift in someone’s name to honor their contributions to the community over their lifetime or at special times in their lives, such as birthdays or holidays. And if you would like to add support for Pima Animal Care to your own legacy, we would be honored. Contact our Development Office at (520) 724-5984 for more information.

    Employee gift campaigns

    We would love to be considered when it’s time for your annual charity employee drives,

    General Fund

    Your gifts to this fund allow us to use your donation where it is needed the most for our pets. Your gifts help us keep animals healthy, comfortable and safe while they wait for forever homes.

    Medical Fund

    Sadly, we sometimes receive animals that have been neglected, tortured, burned and battered. Also, we frequently receive animals that require surgery or special medical care that is outside our expertise. We have found that with proper medical attention, nurturing and care, these animals are able to become wonderful companions.

    Spay and Neuter Fund

    This fund helps in the battle against pet overpopulation. It provides the community with low-cost and free spay and neuter throughout the year. Prevention is most important to solving the pet overpopulation problem.

    Adoption Fund

    Contributing to the Adoption Fund allows the Animal Care Center to offer special discounts to encourage interested owners to adopt some of the difficult to place pets.

    Outreach and Education Fund

    PACC has strong partnerships with local elementary and middle schools to teach students about responsible pet ownership. Your donations pay for supplies and materials to enhance the learning process for the students.

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    Animal Care Center

    4000 N. Silverbell Rd.
    Tucson, AZ 85745

    (520) 724-5900

    Weekdays: Noon until 7 p.m.
    Weekends: 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
    Closed the last Sunday of 
    every month

    Ajo Substation:
    1259 Well Road
    Ajo, AZ 85321

    (520) 387-7502

    Ajo Substation Hours:
    11 a.m.-1 p.m. MWF
    4:30-6:30 p.m. W

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