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    West Nile virus is a mosquito borne disease that was first identified in Pima County in 2003. It is seasonal; with virus activity usually noted beginning in the spring and lasting through late fall. The illness caused by this virus can range from mild to very serious. West Nile virus can also cause death in rare cases. In addition to causing illness in humans, the virus can also cause disease and death in birds and some mammals.

    The Pima County Health Department wants you to be aware of the risk of this disease caused by mosquito bites. The best way to avoid contracting the virus is to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats around your home, avoid going outdoors between dusk and dawn during mosquito season, using appropriate mosquito repellant when you are outdoors, and wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts while outdoors during times when mosquitoes are also out. The Health Department web site has further tips to help you avoid mosquito borne diseases.

    Please follow the link below to view the latest information about where mosquito surveillance is taking place, and where positive West Nile virus testing results have been found.

    Pima County Mosquito Map The Mosquito Study Map is brought to you by Pima County Health Department & Pima County ITD GIS.

    This map shows mosquito study information for Pima County. Be prepared to view the map at an initial scale around 1:300,000 where the mosquito study and detention basin layers become visible.

    Read the Disclaimer and Using Autodesk MapGuide.

    Launch mosquito study map.

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