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Trailheads and Trails

The many outstanding recreational trails in Pima County are easily accessible from public trailheads.
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Trailhead Tips

Trailhead parking capacity is limited; carpool whenever possible. Trailheads usually fill up quickly; arrive early to secure a space. Parking outside of designated trailhead areas may result in your vehicle being ticketed. Be sure to obey all posted signage, particularly No Parking signs along access roads. As in all remote areas where you park your car, secure your valuables out of sight or, better yet, take them with you for safe keeping. Use of the parking area to launch or retrieve hot air balloons is prohibited under Pima County Park Rules PCPR Chapter 1.120.


Pima County-managed trailheads open at dawn and close at dusk, except as otherwise posted. Note that trailhead hours may vary according to location and managing agency.

Pima County Trailheads

The many outstanding recreational trails in Pima County are easily accessible from public trailheads.
Parking in the asterisked (*) trailheads listed below is allowed after hours with a parking permit.

Overnight Parking Permits

Parking in select trailheads is allowed after hours with a parking permit. No after hours parking is allowed at the other trailheads. To apply for a permit call Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation at (520) 724-5000. Trailhead parking permits are available for free.

Separate Regulation for Public Lands and Parks

Please be aware that the parks and natural areas you enter from the trailheads have their own rules and regulations. Please familiarize yourself with them and follow all permitting requirements and regulations.
Dogs on a leash are welcome at most Pima County parks. There are a few trails and trailheads where dogs have been prohibited because of past problems over conflicts with other users, habitat protection issues and at the request of other jurisdictions. These trails usually lead to existing trails closed to dogs on other public lands.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the trail system ahead of you dog free. You and your on leashed canine friend are encouraged to use the Pima County trails and dog parks listed below.

  • Agua Caliente Hill Trail
  • Cienega Creek Natural Preserve
  • Feliz Paseos Park
  • Robles Pass
  • Sweetwater Preserve
  • Wild Burro Trail in Tortolita Mountain Park

  • Brandi Fenton Memorial Park
  • Flowing Wells Park
  • George Mehl Family Foothills Park
  • McDonald Park
  • Northwest Community Park
  • Star Valley Park
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