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  • River Parks and Greenways

    Pima County river parks and greeenways provide a great way to take a walk or run, or to ride your bike or horse.

    Pima County Park Rules and A. R. S. Statutes

    • Dogs must be leashed at all times (4.020a)
    • Properly dispose of dog litter (4.070a)
    • No alcohol (5.010a)
    • No golfing (1.070)
    • No camping or fires (1.110)
    • No unauthorized motorized vehicles (1.030)
    • No littering or disposing of residential trash in park or park containers (1.060)
    • No destruction, damage or removal of county maintained property (1.050)
    • Any bicycle used at night must have at least a white headlight visible up to 500 feet away and a red ref lector visible up to 300 feet away (ARS 28-817)

    Trail Etiquette

    • Be aware of people with disabilities and respectful of their needs. All trail users yield to people with disabilities.
    • Bicyclists yield to all other trail users.
    • Control your speed and be prepared to stop. Travel at a speed appropriate for trail conditions.
    • Slow down when sharing the trail. If you encounter a horse, stop and ask the equestrian how to proceed.
    • Keep to the right of the trail. Save the left for passing. Always announce your intentions when passing.
    • When in a group, travel single file and don't block the trail. Allow room for other users.
    • After dark, be alert for pedestrians, wildlife, and objects on or near trail.

    River Park Construction Projects

    Please remember Pima County requires dogs to be leashed and under control unless on your own property. This applies to public spaces such as parks, trails, The Loop, open space, nature resource areas, river beds and most every public space except “dog parks”. For more information on responsible pet ownership please visit: http://webcms.pima.gov/community/animal_care/pet_owner_resources/
    Thank you for your anticipated compliance.
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