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  • Lost and Found Pets

    It’s scary to lose a pet. We do hope you are able to find your family member.

    If you do not see your pet, please read the resources. If you have located your lost pet on this web page, please note the animal ID number and contact us at (520) 724-5900.

    To search for animals that have been found and brought to the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC Intake), please click on the links below:

    Stray, unlicensed pets are kept for three full days. If they aren't claimed by then, they will be evaluated for adoption or rescue. If the animal is assessed as adoptable, the pet will show up on the adoption web page. Staff also works diligently with our rescue partners to find suitable homes for as many animals as possible and will hold each animal as long as health and behavior allow.

    Although the list is a tool designed to help people find their lost pets, it can’t substitute for coming to Pima Animal Care Center to look for him or her. Depending on the season, as many as 200 animals are brought to the shelter every day. Given the range of descriptions that can apply to any one animal, the best chance of finding your lost pet is to physically come to the shelter at least every other day and see for yourself if your pet is here.

    The intake list does not include animals that have been brought in to our shelter deceased, although we will help you look through the log if you do not see your pet here at the shelter.

    Need Help?

    Have you lost your pet?

    Other tips to help find a lost pet

    1. File a Lost Pet Report with Pima Animal Care Center by calling (520) 724-5900, option 3.
    2. Please check on line and with our other rescue partners in the community, including:
    1. Ask neighbors if they saw your pet and post flyers around the neighborhood.
    2. Check the “found” ads in the newspaper or online sites and consider posting an ad with a reward for the return of your pet.
    3. Keep looking for at least two weeks. Sometimes, found pets aren’t brought to the shelter for many days.

    If you find a lost pet in the community

    1. If the dog has a current Pima County tag, call us to help identify the owner.
    2. If the dog or cat is wearing any other type of ID, attempt to contact the owner directly.
    3. Check with a nearby vet to see if the office will scan the pet for a microchip.
    4. Post flyers around the vicinity.
    5. File a Found Pet Report with Pima Animal Care Center by calling (520) 724-5900, option 3.
    6. Contact PACC for a dog pick-up or take the dog to our shelter at 4000 N. Silverbell Road. We cannot pick up cats.
    7. You can also report a pet found at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and consider posting a notice on Craigslist
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