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    NOTICE: Bond Ordinance Amendments to be considered by the Board of Supervisors at their April 7, 2015 meeting.

      - Report and Recommendations
      - November 7, 1997 Bond Implementation Plan Ordinance Amendment
      - May 18, 2004 Bond Implementation Plan Ordinance Amendment

    Pima County typically funds the construction of capital improvement projects with voter-approved bonds. Many local governments sell bonds to investors and use the revenue to fund public facilities and infrastructure. Bond financing makes it possible to build based on future population estimates and to spread the cost over the useful life of the facilities so that each generation of taxpayers contributes a proportionate share for the use of these long-term investments.

    An Arizona Auditor General's office audit of Pima County's 1997, 2004 and 2006 general obligation bond programs found that: Pima County's bond programs represent a uniquely collaborative effort between the County and its cities, towns and tribes; the bond funds were used for the purposes the voters authorized and followed the approval process for any necessary changes; and the programs benefited residents all over Pima County in similar proportion to the taxes paid.  Audit Report

    On November 4, 2014 voters approved the sale of up to $22 million in bonds to construct a new animal care facility.  Please visit our information page to learn more.
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    Pima County Bonds

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