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    Boards, Commissions and Committees Information and Membership

    The following have been established by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Members serve until reappointed or replaced.

    Addiction, Prevention and Treatment Commission (Pima County/Tucson)
    Agricultural Science Advisory Commission
    Air Quality Hearing Board
    Animal Care Advisory Committee
    Arizona Municipal Property Corporation
    Aviation Review Committee
    Bicycle Advisory Committee (Tucson/Pima County)
    Board of Adjustment, District 1 
    Board of Adjustment, District 2 
    Board of Adjustment, District 3 
    Board of Adjustment, District 4 
    Board of Adjustment, District 5 
    Board of Health
    Bond Advisory Committee
    Building Code Committee/Board of Appeals (County/City) 
    Canoa Ranch Conservation Committee
    Community Action Agency Board 
    Conservation Acquisition Commission
    Cooperative Extension Board 
    Corrections Officer Retirement Board 
    County Attorney Investigators Local Retirement Board
    Design Review Committee 
    Election Integrity Commission  
    Environmental Quality Advisory Council 
    Fair Commission 
    Fair Horse Racing Commission 
    Flood Control District Advisory Committee
    Flood Control District Board of Hearing Review
    Health Care Benefits Trust Board
    Historical Commission (Tucson/Pima County) 
    Housing Commission 
    Industrial Development Authority 
    Library Advisory Board 
    Merit System Commission and Law Enforcement Council 
    Metropolitan Education Commission 
    Metropolitan Energy Commission (Tucson/Pima County) 
    Neighborhood Reinvestment Oversight Committee 
    Outdoor Lighting Code Committee (County/City)   
    Outside Agency Citizen Review Committee
    Parks and Recreation Commission 
    Pima Vocational High School 
    Planning and Zoning Commission 
    Public Art and Community Design Committee
    Public Safety Personnel Retirement Board
    Regional Wastewater Reclamation Advisory Committee
    Sales Tax Advisory Committee 
    Self-Insurance Trust Fund Board 
    Small Business Commission 
    State Board of Equalization
    Technical Review Committee
    Transportation Advisory Committee 
    Trial Court Appointments - Nominating Committee District 1 
    Trial Court Appointments - Nominating Committee District 2 
    Trial Court Appointments - Nominating Committee District 3
    Trial Court Appointments - Nominating Committee District 4
    Trial Court Appointments - Nominating Committee District 5 
    Women's Commission (Pima County/Tucson) 
    Workforce Investment Board
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    Clerk of the Board

    Julie Castañeda, Clerk
    Melissa Manriquez, Deputy

    Administration Division
    130 W. Congress, 5th Floor
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-8449
    Fax: (520) 222-0448

    Document and Micrographics Management Division

    Eric Flohr, Manager
    1640 E. Benson Hwy.
    Tucson, AZ 85714

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