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    The Communications Office proactively supports Pima County's mission and strategic objectives. The Office  provides creative services including editorial support, graphic and web design, logos, photography, publicity, and media relations for all departments.  Our communications products enhance the County's visibility, image, reputation throughout the state, U.S. and internationally.  

    Videos, brochures, press releases, maps, and bike helmet stickers for kids—if it has words, pictures, or graphics, we create it for the County.

    Check out some our recent work below and use the tabs to discover how we promote the County's identity, people, and programs.

    Communications Services

    Style Guide

    The Pima County logo has a two-page style guide available for download. Please read through the guide before using the new logo. Logo Reference Guide


    Under the County Administrator’s directive, use of previous department logos is no longer permitted when old materials run out. The logo must appear on all Pima County sponsored materials (e.g. posters, fliers, media releases, programs, invitations, etc.).


    To maximize its visual presence and distinctiveness, the Pima County logo is surrounded by an “exclusion zone.” This zone must be clear of all graphic elements, including surface edges, text, images, and color fields, except for acceptable backgrounds.

    The logo proportion may not be changed under any circumstances. Stretching or shrinking the dimensions unequally is not allowed.


    The smallest the Pima County logo may appear is 78 by 144 pixels, or about one by two inches. The logo may not be animated in any way.

    Download the logo

    The Pima County logo is available to download below.  There are three different file types available: JPG, PNG and AI.  JPG files are to be used for online purposes.  PNG files are to be used for printing and design purposes.  And the AI file contains a vector file with all allowable variations of the logos: Fade, full color blue and green, full color blue, black and white.

    County employees looking for specific department logos, letterhead or any other applications should contact logo.help@pima.gov .  Pima County employees can access department logos on the County Intranet website.

     Pima County Logo
     File Type:  JPG; PNG;  AI


    Website Content and Design

    The Communications Office worked closely with Information Technology to develop the new Pima County website. We continue to write and upload the latest news releases, images, and videos. We also assist other departments as they move onto the new website.



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    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Translation
    • Writing
    • Editing
    • Proofreading
    • Communications Planning
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