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    constructionThere is perhaps no greater public policy initiative for Pima County than improving our local and regional economy. The primary role of local government is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public. Growing communities are able to provide jobs to successive generations and have greater resources for providing the key services of government, namely public safety, public infrastructure (roads, water, sewer) and education. Growing communities also are able to spread out the cost of government services more broadly, thereby potentially reducing the tax burden on individuals, businesses and properties.

    Why Pima County? We believe companies want to grow in communities that have excellent quality of life and that make investments in critical infrastructure that are the foundation for commerce. We believe businesses appreciate efficient governments that maintain an appropriate tax rate, pay off debt rapidly, provide certainty in regulations and deliver high quality service.

    Pima County is committed to growing our region and has several departments dedicated to making employers and employees successful. This page consolidates that information and provides a one-stop resource for businesses, entrepreneurs, brokers, recruiters and everyone else interested in growing their business and making Pima County work.

    Pima County Economic Development Plan, Update 2015-2017

    This plan outlines the key areas Pima County is focusing on to grow the regional economy and details specific actions the county should and will take to ensure Pima County Works.

    The Sonoran Corridor - A Regional Economic Development Catalyst

    The Sonoran Corridor is a multilevel, multistep, multiyear economic development initiative for Pima County and Southern Arizona. Once completed it will significantly transform the regional economy, adding billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to the Tucson valley. Learn more about it.

    Pima Prospers – The County’s Comprehensive Plan

    This page summarizes the Economic Development Section of Pima Prospers, the county’s comprehensive plan, and provides links to the Pima Prospers website. This 200+ page plan is more than just a land-use planning document; it’s a guide to prosperity that examines all aspects of developing a prosperous Pima County.

    Economic Development Contacts

    If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help you.


    For additional information about starting, operating and growing a business, visit the Arizona Commerce Authority website.ACA's free online Checklist Program is designed to help you easily navigate information on what you need to know, who you need to contact and where you need to go to license your business in Arizona. It also includes contact information to statewide resources and assistance to accelerate your business growth.

    Regionally,  Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc. is the major business and recruiting and expansion organization. Pima County works closely with TREO to provide it the information prospective businesses need when considering whether to relocate or expand in Pima County.

    The county also has numerous departments and programs that are invaluable information resources or key components of the startup, relocation or expansion process.

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