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    Welcome to Ajo Justice Court

    The Honorable Judge John Peck Pima County Precinct 3 of the Judicial Branch of Arizona. We assist those in their quest for justice through a commitment to fairness, efficiency, accessibility and exemplary customer service. We look forward to helping you.  

    The Honorable Judge
    John Thomas Peck

    Courtroom Standards

    • No weapons are permitted in the Ajo Justice Court
    • Sit quietly in the courtroom whenever court is in session. The proceedings are being recorded and background noise may interfere with the quality of the digital record.
    • No food, drink or gum chewing is allowed in the courtroom.
    • Set all electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) on quiet mode.
    • Smoking is prohibited by law in all areas of government buildings.
    • Take off your hat when in the courtroom.

    Court Security

    • You must walk through security before entering the Courtroom.
    • Court Security will determine which items or materials may be brought into the Courthouse.

     History of Ajo Justice Court

    Ajo Courthouse

    Pima County Building  Erected 1949-50

    Board of Supervisors:
    • Chairman J. Homer Boyd
    • Members
    • G.T. Alley
    • Lambert Kautenburger

    P.O. Norton & Son Contractors
    Blanton & Cole Architects

    The courthouse was dedicated in honor of G. T. "Tom" Alley on July 20, 2001. Alley was a prominent figure in Ajo history. A businessman and investor, Tom Alley came to Ajo in the 1930s. He served on the Pima County Board of Supervisors from 1943 until 1950. He later served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1972 until 1976. He died December 24, 1994, in Tucson.

    Ajo first located on the ground that later became the open pit mine.  The modern city was formed in its present location in 1917 coincident with the beginning of the large scale mining of the copper deposits.  Ajo was the home of the New Cornelia mine of the Phelps Dodge Corporation which is one of the great copper mines of the world.


    What do I do if I miss my court date?

    If you miss your court date call the court immediately at (520) 387-7684.

    Do I have to appear on my court date for my civil traffic violation if I am going to pay the fine?

    No. You may come in anytime up to your scheduled date to pay your ticket or contact the court by phone to resolve the citation. Bring your copy of the citation with you.

    Can I take advantage of the Defensive Driving program for an Arizona citation if I live out-of-state?

    You may do your school online by going to: http://www.azdrive.com. Otherwise, if you wish to attend out-of-state, call: 1-888-334-5565 for a list of certified schools in Arizona.  Out-of-state residents must contact a certified Arizona traffic school in order for the class to be accepted. One of these schools can coordinate your attendance in your state.

    Can I have an extension for driving school or to provide proof of insurance or registration?

    Yes.  The Court can grant you a 30-day extension. You must contact the Court on or before your original court date for permission. Driving school must be completed 7 days prior to your court date. Contact the Court via phone or in person for ONE extension.

    Why is the amount that I owe more than what is listed on the fine schedule?

    If you failed to take any action on your ticket on or before your scheduled court date, the Court enters a default judgment against you and must add a Time Payment Fee. If the Court has ordered your license suspended by Motor Vehicles Department, an additional fee may be added. A Court Automation fee is assessed to all civil traffic citations that are issued (County Ordinance 2008-69).

    Can I make payments on a past due ticket that has caused my license to be suspended?

    Yes, but the Court will not lift the suspension until the ticket is paid in full.

    Do I have to appear at my arraignment or any other scheduled hearing?

    Yes. You must appear at all court hearings including your arraignment in criminal violations. Also, in criminal violations a warrant could issue if you fail to appear.  Visit the Case Information section in this website for additional information.

    How do I know how many points are on my driver's license?

    The amount of points depends on the violations. For this information, please contact Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) at: http://www.azdot.gov/mvd/contact.asp.  Provide your full name, date of birth, and driver license number.

    There is a warrant out for my arrest, what do I do?

    Contact the Court as soon as possible to see the judge. You also may pay a bail/bond at the Pima County Jail and will be given a new court date.

    How do I obtain a Marriage License?

    Please, contact the court by telephone or in person.  Please, see the Wedding License link in this website for additional information and to download the worksheet.
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    Justice Court Ajo

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