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  • Real Property Services (Real Estate)

    Real Property Services appraises, acquires, sells and manages properties owned by Pima County. Real Property Services also processes easement grants, road abandonments,  and releases of public easements, and issues franchises and licenses for encroachments in public rights-of-way.

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Property Acquisitions
    • Licenses
    • Franchises
    • Abandonment of Right-of-Way
    • Easement Grants/Public Sewer Easement Dedications
    • Release of Easements
    • Sale of Surplus and Treasurer Deeded Properties 
    Please see our Services Directory to contact each area of responsibility.

    Real Property Sections

    Administration Section

    Provides management and clerical support to Real Property Services.

    Acquisition Section

    Acquires properties on behalf of Pima County for roads, sewers, parks, flood control projects, and governmental centers. Prepares right-of-way deeds, easements, and other legal documents. Provides relocation services to persons affected by property acquisitions. Manages, leases, sells, and maintains an inventory of County-owned properties. Administers properties deeded to the State of Arizona for delinquent taxes.

    Appraisal Section

    Appraises properties to be acquired, leased or sold by Pima County. Prepares budget projections for property acquisitions. Reviews private contractor's appraisals. Sets right-of-way encroachment fees.

    Property Management Section

    The Property Management Department is responsible for the selling, leasing and management of Pima County and Regional Flood Control District-owned properties. Additional departmental responsibilities include the processing of fee and easement conveyances/dedications to Pima County, easement grants across County/District property, releases of public easements, road abandonments, license agreements and franchise agreements. Administers the sale of properties deeded to the State of Arizona for delinquent taxes and the sale of County and District surplus properties.


    Surplus Property

    Property for sale

    No properties for sale at this time.


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    Real Property Services

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    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-6313
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