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    When can I contact Customer Service?

    • Office Hours:
      • Monday thru Friday
      • 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • Phone Hours:
      • Monday thru Friday
      • 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    How do I pay my sewer bill?

    Pima County contracts with four different water providers to bill for sewer use. The City of Tucson Water Department is the billing provider for about 75% of our customers. Oro Valley Water, Metropolitan Water District and Town of Marana Water are the other providers. How to submit payment depends on which water provider you use.

    If your monthly bill is on Utility Services Statement from Tucson Water, payments may be sent to:

    Tucson Water Information on other options
    P.O. Box 28804 for payment are available on
    Tucson, AZ 85726-8804 Tucson Water's webpage

    If you are billed for sewer along with your water bill from Oro Valley Water, Metropolitan Water District or Town of Marana Water, you may make the payment with your water bill. Additional payment options for these billing providers may be found at their webpages: Oro Valley, Metropolitan Water District, and Town of Marana.

    How is my sewer bill calculated?

    The sewer bill is based on an average water usage – also known as the ‘winter quarter average’ (WQA) – taken from the months of December, January and February. Each year, beginning on July 1, we generate new sewer fees based on the WQA (See next question also). If a WQA cannot be calculated for a customer due to the unavailability of direct metered wastewater flow data or metered water use data, then the sewer discharge is estimated using the average unit discharge associated with that user’s class (see Pima County Code, Title 13, §13.24.030.C).

    For some commercial and industrial users, an additional high strength factor may be in place for the sewer rate calculation. For additional information read the high strength factor calculation.

    Ordinance 2004-11, §13.24.030 A, B, and C Fee Calculation (Title 13 of the Pima County Code)

    Why are December, January, and February the months that are used as the basis for the sewer billing?

    We use December, January, and February because they are traditionally the lowest months of water usage during the year. If those months are not the lowest months of usage for the customer then we allow for an appeal to be filed.

    How can I appeal my sewer bill?

    The sewer fees are recalculated every July. We send an insert with the July bill to remind our customers that there is a sixty-day period to apply for an appeal. If December, January, and February are not the three lowest consecutive months of water usage in the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) then submit an appeal using our online form or contact Customer Service at the Pima County Finance and Risk Management Department (PCF&RMD) - (520) 724-6609. Appeals can also be mailed, faxed, or emailed; instructions can be found on the online form.

    Ordinance 2004-11, §13.24.120 A Protest and Review (Title 13 of the Pima County Code)

    Why did the sewer rate go up?

    The principal factor behind rate increases is regulatory requirements that are being addressed through the Regional Optimization Master Plan (ROMP). All increases are reviewed and approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

    Is there a low-income subsidy program for sewer bills?

    Effective July 1, 2007, a low-income subsidy program was authorized by the Pima County Board of Supervisors in response to concerns about the ability of low-income residents to pay increasing sewer rates.

    For more information, view the Sewer Outreach Subsidy (SOS) Program tab

    Why is my sewer bill higher than my water bill?

    The charge for sewer per gallon cannot be equated to the charge for water per gallon. The cost of delivering, treating, and processing for reclaimed purposes is not equal to pumping and treating ground water. In Pima County there are many water companies delivering water and each one charges a different amount per gallon. Each water company has a small service area to deliver water to, whereas Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation is providing service to the majority of Pima County and part of southern Pinal County.

    What do most people pay for the sewer?

    Based on the yearly calculation of winter averages in a group or category, the average Pima County resident uses 5,984 gallons of water (8 ccf) per month at a cost of $40.81 per month (based on the rate in effect July 1, 2013).

    Ordinance 2004-11, §13.24.030 A Fee Calculation (Title 13 of the Pima County Code)

    Do I have to pay for sewer when I am not in residence in Tucson for longer than a month?

    No. If you are gone for longer than a month, as our winter visitors are, contact us with the dates of your absence and we will bill for the Monthly Service Fee only. Use our online form or call us.

    For example, if you are gone from April to October, your bill will be $12.63 per month while you are gone (based on the rate in effect July 1, 2013). When you are in residence again, the bill will be based on your established winter usage.

    Ordinance 2004-11, §13.24.120, D Protest and Review (Title 13 of the Pima County Code)

    I am a business - Can I reduce my sewer bill for water used in irrigation systems or cooling towers and not discharged into the sewer system?

    Irrigation meters are addressed in the sewer ordinance under Protest and Review, and the same rules apply to cooling towers. A commercial user may install a secondary meter (similar in quality used by the Tucson water department) to measure water not returned to the public sanitary sewerage system, which shall be read and reported to the department by the user according to a monthly reporting schedule, verification procedures and other conditions of service required by the department. The department may charge a fee for these arrangements which shall not exceed the actual cost of administration and verification.

    >Ordinance 2004-11, §13.24.120, F.1.B Protest and Review (Title 13 of the Pima County Code)

    Subsidy Program for Low-income Customers

    This low-income subsidy program was authorized by the Pima County Board of Supervisors in response to concerns about the ability of low-income residents to pay steadily increasing sewer rates. Rate increases have been necessary to meet rising costs associated with operations and maintenance, rehabilitation of aging sewer infrastructure, and mandated projects to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

    The Sewer Outreach Subsidy program has a tiered rate structure based on federal poverty guidelines. Depending on income and household size, customers may qualify for a 25%, 50%, or 75% discount on their monthly sewer fees including the flat monthly service fee of $12.63.

    To be eligible for a discount on the monthly sewer user fees, customers must meet the following guidelines:

    • Be a residential sewer customer
    • Have a water/sewer bill in their name
    • Meet income guidelines

    How is income determined?

    Income is considered the combined income of all persons who live in the home, including (but not limited to):

    • Salary
    • Child Support
    • Alimony
    • Interest Earnings
    • Rental Income
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Social Security
    • Veteran Disability
    • Retirement Benefits

    How can I apply for the low-income subsidy?

    The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department has partnered with the Pima County Community Action Agency (PCCAA) to administer the program.

    An appointment with PCCAA is required to determine eligibility. To schedule an appointment, please call (520) 724-3794. You must provide the following at your appointment:

    • Picture ID
    • Proof of income for the last thirty days
    • Your wastewater utility bill

    Residents should not call RWRD as no one in the Department is authorized to determine eligibility or approve applications.

    Federal Poverty Guidelines

    (Based on FFY 2015 Federal Guidelines)

    100% Poverty Level = 75% Reduction

    in Family
    1 $11,670 $973
    2 $15,730 $1,311
    3 $19,790 $1,649
    4 $23,850 $1,988
    5 $27,910 $2,326
    6 $31,970 $2,664
    7 $36,030 $3,003
    8 $40,090 $3,341

    Add $4,060 for each additional person over 8

    125% Poverty Level = 50% Reduction

    in Family
    1 $14,588 $1,216
    2 $19,663 $1,639
    3 $24,738 $2,062
    4 $29,813 $2,484
    5 $34,888 $2,907
    6 $39,963 $3,330
    7 $45,038 $3,753
    8 $50,113 $4,176

    Add $5,075 for each additional person over 8

    150% Poverty Level = 25% Reduction

    in Family
    1 $17,505 $1,459
    2 $23,595 $1,966
    3 $29,685 $2,474
    4 $35,775 $2,981
    5 $41,865 $3,489
    6 $47,955 $3,996
    7 $54,045 $4,504
    8 $60,135 $5,011

    Add $6,090 for each additional person over 8

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