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    The Community Relations Office (CRO) serves all Divisions within the Department, acting as a liaison to the media and assuring that accurate information is released in a clear and timely manner. In addition, the CRO is responsible for public education programs.

    The Protect Our Pipes program educates the public about the hazards of pouring grease down household drains. Cooking grease that collects in the sanitary sewer system can clog pipes and cause sanitary sewer overflows. It also provides information about why 'flushable' wipes should never be disposed of in the sewer system as well as information about other products that should not be flushed.

    The Drought Awareness program provides public education to area residents about drought conditions in Pima County and offers water conservation tips.

    The Community Relations staff presents educational materials about these programs in a variety of ways including at public meetings, in water/sewer bill inserts, through public service announcements, and at community events.

    The Constituent Outreach and Partnership Program works with businesses and residents affected by sewer construction projects.

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