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  • Chronic Disease Prevention

    The mission of the Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program is to develop partnerships and collaborations to promote a comprehensive approach to address tobacco and chronic disease.

    How We Do It

    • Provide health education presentations on chronic disease prevention, cardiovascular disease, and tobacco cessation
    • Train and certify staff to provide educational prevention programs
    • Promote physical activity and chronic disease prevention 
    • Offer policy development assistance
    • Provide referrals to community health programs

    Healthy Living: Chronic Disease Self Management Program

    A program that consists of workshops developed by Stanford University to help adults and caregivers successfully live with ongoing or chronic health conditions. The workshop consists of 10-16 participants, and meets once a week for 2.5 hours as part of a 6-week program.

    Topics covered What it can do for your agency
    • Making an action plan
    • Problem solving
    • Managing difficult emotions
    • Fitness and exercise
    • Work with health care professionals and health care systems
    • Making plans for the future
    • Treatment decisions
    • Reduce healthcare costs Increase productivity
    • Increase team morale
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Improve customer referrals
    • A feature for the community newsletter
    • Increase employee wellness
    • Stronger employee-employer relationships

    Tomando Control de su Salud:

    Participe en el programa para manejar sus enfermedades crónicas

    Para Quien Es Este Programa?
    Si usted padece de:
    Cuales Son Los Temas?
    • Diabetes
    • Enfermedad del corazón
    • Enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva cronica
    • Artritis
    • Dolor crónico
    • Otra enfermedad crónica
    • Establecer propósitos y metas
    • Compartir experiencias y resolución de problemas
    • Alimentarse saludablemente
    • Hacer ejercicio
    • Hablar acerca de los medicamentos
    • Trabajar con su proveedor de salud y decidir su tratamiento médico
    • Pensar positivamente
    • Evaluar tratamientos alternativos
    ¿Cuáles Son Los Detalles Del Programa?
    Los participantes del taller se reúnen una vez por semana por dos horas y media durante seis semanas.  Disfrute de la compañía y el apoyo de otras personas que viven con enfermedades crónicas. ¡Los talleres son GRATIS!

    Million Hearts Campaign

    The Million Hearts Campaign is a national initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. This campaign brings together communities, health systems, non-profit organizations, federal agencies as well as private organizations from across the country to fight disease and stroke. Learn more about this program.

    ASHLine Ask, Advice, Refer Training

    The Ask, Advise, Refer (AAR) training is offered in partnership with the Arizona Smokers Help Line (ASHLine). This training can be set up at any worksite, agency or organization in an effort to proactively refer residents who are ready to quit tobacco.

    The AAR training will allow you to:
    • Make direct referrals with a personalized quit fax form
    • Track referrals made
    • Receive monthly referral reports
    Phone: (520) 724-7904
    Website: http://ashline.org/

    School-based Prevention

    Are you a teacher interested in our program? Are you a parent that would
    like to see this program at your child’s school?

    Call us for more information: (520) 243-7904

    • Intensive school-based curricula for public schools, grades K-8th
    • We train teachers in the “C.A.T.C.H.- Coordinated Approach to Child Health” curriculum to implement in their classrooms
    • CATCH seeks to affect children’s attitudes and behaviors towards nutrition and physical activity. In the largest school-based health promotion study that has ever been done in the United States, it was shown to improve children’s food and activity behaviors, increase levels of activity in physical education classes, and reduce the fat content of school lunches
    • C.A.T.C.H. also covers such topics as diabetes education, cancer, tobacco prevention, and heart health
    • Teachers receive FREE physical activity equipment for implementing our program

    School Health Advisory Councils

    A School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group made up of parents, administrators, school support personnel, students, and interested community members. The SHAC completes an assessment tool to help determine the health related needs of the school and surrounding community.

    Youth Health Leadership Team
    We can offer support in the following ways:
    • Training
    • Staff wellness programs
    • Curriculum
    • Youth engagement
    • Policy development

    Youth Tobacco Prevention and Leadership

    Learn more about the work of anti-tobacco youth coalitions.

    Volunteer opportunities for youth ages 15-17: Counterstrike

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