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  • HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Theresa Lee Clinic Testing CenterPima County Clinics promote healthy sexual behaviors by providing comprehensive services to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Services include diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV testing and counseling, partner identification and treatment and community outreach and education.

    Syphilis is on the rise in Pima County

    For more information on Syphilis

    Monday through Friday
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Clinic Locations:

    Theresa Lee Public Health Center
    1493 W Commerce Ct.
    (520) 724-7900 

    East Clinic
    6920 East Broadway Blvd.
    (520) 724-9660

    North Clinic
    3550 North First Ave.
    (520) 724-2880

    Clinical Services

    Clinical services are offered Monday through Friday.

    What to expect:

    • Confidential Services
    • Clients are seen on a walk-in basis
    • Wait times can vary
    • Sliding fee scale based on income
    • Minors do not need parental consent

    Express Visit

    Express visit includes:
    Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and a HIV test (without seeing a clinician)

    Note: anyone experiencing symptoms associated with a sexually transmitted infection or in need of medication, may require a health screening by a clinician.

    LifePoint Syringe Access Program

    Healthy Living - STD/HIV TestingSyringe access programs are a cost effective way to reduce the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C to individuals who are at high risk of contracting these diseases. LifePoint is a one-for-one syringe exchange program for individuals in need of safer injecting supplies, medical screening and testing, and linkage and referral to other support services. For further information about LifePoint contact our HIV Prevention Program Coordinator at (520) 724-3958.

    Information for Medical Providers/Reporting Agencies:

    Successfully preventing sexually transmitted infections requires early detection, and prompt reporting by medical providers and agencies involved in public health services. Reporting trends on communicable disease is threefold, in that it allows for early intervention methods with patients and their partners to occur, decreases rates of infection, and promotes a healthy community. Listed below is the Communicable Disease Report form required by the Arizona Department of Health Services, when screening for sexually transmitted infections. We have also included the list of reportable infections under the Arizona Department of Health Services statues of health. If you require any additional information on reporting communicable diseases specific to sexually transmitted infection, please contact the HIV-STD program.

    Please fax the below Disease Investigation Report Form to (520) 838-7538.

    Theresa Lee Public Health Center
    1493 W. Commerce Court
    Tucson, AZ 85746
    (520) 724-7900
    North Clinic
    3550 N. 1st Ave.
    Tucson, AZ 85719
    (520) 724-2880

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    STD/HIV Services
    (Clinician Hours and Express Testing)
    Closed 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm Closed

    LifePoint Hours

    •  Theresa Lee Clinic
     Closed  Closed  8am- 12pm  Closed Closed Closed Closed
    •  North Clinic
     Closed  Closed Closed Closed Closed 8am - 12pm Closed
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