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  • FC5.01 Floodprone Land Acquisition

    Total Actual Cost: $4,064,361
    Project Number: CFC5FLPRA
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds 
    Completion Date: June, 2014
    Managing Dept.: Regional Flood Control District
    Project Map:

    Purchasing flood and erosion prone land is a cost effective strategy for minimizing flood damages.  In addition to  minimizing flood damages to specific parcels, floodprone land acquisition yields a number of other important benefits.  One immediate advantage is that purchasing undeveloped floodprone property eliminates the need for structural flood control improvements (such as bank stabilization, levees, etc.) that would otherwise be needed to protect these parcels.  Another benefit is that parcel’s natural floodplain characteristics are preserved, which in turn helps reduce downstream flooding peaks.  Floodprone land acquisition also helps create recreational opportunities, maintain urban open space, preserve riparian habitat and enhance ground water quality. 
    Acquisitions  included various smaller parcels and three large floodprone properties: M Diamond Ranch along the San Pedro River, Ryan Ranch in the Black Wash floodplain and the BSE Trust within the Canada Del Oro wash floodplain.


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