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  • FC5.01 SEP - Dybvig Acquisition

    Total Actual Cost: $714,162
    Project Number: CFC5SEPDY
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds 
    Completion Date: February 2006
    Managing Dept.: Regional Flood Control District
    Project Map: GIS Map

    This parcel was purchased under the Floodprone Land Acquisition Program.   This program enables purchase of floodprone properties to protect public safety and preserve natural floodplain characteristics. In this case fee title ownership was acquired.     No restoration or management plans have been developed, however this acquisition provides adaptive floodplain management in urban areas to preserve natural floodplains, protect riparian areas, and provide stormwater quality benefits.  This acquisition was a rare opportunity to preserve natural riparian areas along the Santa Cruz River (SCR) which is designated as Important Riparian Area by the County.  It is a significant purchase supporting the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan as well as public safety and groundwater recharge.  Furthermore this is in close proximity to the Sweetwater wetlands, is downstream of the waste treatment facility and the confluence of the CDO and Rillito with the SCR.

    This is a cost-effective strategy to remove people and property from exposure to flood hazards and loss of life, as well as property damage.  Preservation of flood water storage capacity in floodplains minimizes future flood damages, reduces the need for structural flood and erosion protection, facilitates groundwater recharge, creates passive-use recreational opportunities, maintains urban open space corridors, and preserves and enhances riparian habitat and corridors of natural biological diversity.  This program complements the goals of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan to preserve riparian areas. 


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