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  • SS6.10 New Marana WWTP Expansion

    Total Cost: $ 16,277,284
    Project Number:  CWW3MAR10
    Funding Sources: 2004 Sewer Revenue Bonds, System Development Funds
    Completion Date: August, 2011
    Managing Dept.:  Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Project Map: GIS Map

    The Marana BNROD Expansion project was originally planned to be a 2 MGD Oxidation Ditch with nutrient removal and bio-solids disposal. However, a sense of urgency to provide immediate treatment capacity for Marana area developments changed this into the purchase and installation of four Smith & Lovelass package treatment plants (0.20 mgd), a 0.50 mgd BIOLAC treatment facility, an Ultra Violet Disinfection with Sand Filtration system, facility improvements including an elevated flood protection berm and paved entrance road, and SCADA supervisory control to all systems.

    These improvements provided 0.70 mgd of treatment capacity (ADWF), which proved adequate for the current developments that needed it just prior to the recent economic recession and therefore, the originally planned BNROD facilities (oxidation ditches), new headwork and deep influent pump station, and the Bio-solids handling facilities were re-planned as new projects and moved into a future year
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