Outside Agency Program

Program Overview

Funded by the Pima County General Fund, the Outside Agency Program allocates funds to nonprofit agencies in Pima County. The Program targets economically disadvantaged and other at-risk populations, and specifically, it assures that support is provided to meet basic needs and services in rural areas.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors established funding limits for the Program in 2008/2009. Agencies are funded for one fiscal year with the possibility of funding renewal for a second year. During the two-year funding cycle, the Outside agency Program provides technical assistance and support to funded agencies with a focus on assisting agencies in rural areas.

For more information, please contact Melanie Puig, Program Coordinator (520) 724-3789 or view the Outside Agency Program Transparency Page.

Outside Agency Citizen Review Committee

The committee is comprised of six community members appointed by the Board of Supervisors to make recommendations to the Board to appropriate funds each year for an Outside Agency Social Services Program, which will assist local non-profit agencies to provide human service programs in the County. The Clerk of the Board maintains the current roster of members as well as governing documents. 

Meeting Notices, Agendas, and Summaries

Meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the year to review proposals from local area non-profit agencies. Notices of meetings are posted below and on-site at Community & Workforce Development administration located at 2797 E. Ajo Way, in the 3rd floor lobby. The minutes of a meeting shall be available for public inspection three working days after the meeting, except as otherwise specifically provided by this article. A.R.S. §35-431.01(D)

Please click on the year below for agendas and minutes.


 Agenda Materials Minutes & Summaries
 March 2, 2023, Agenda             Link to virtual meeting                                 DRAFT  Minutes                                                 



Notices and Agendas  Material and Attachments Minutes and Summaries
November 3, 2021 Notice / Agenda    OA Comm Citizen Minutes
May 25, 2021 Agenda    May 25, 2021 Minutes


Supported by the Pima County General Funds, Pima County Community & Workforce Development’s Outside Agency Program distributes over $3 million to over 50 community-based organizations and government entities that support approximately 80 programs. Award amounts range from $15,000 to $330,000. The average award is $45,400.

Application Process 

The competitive process for nonprofit organizations starts with a public notice and request for proposal (RFP) through an online application. Community & Workforce Development (CWD) utilizes the ZoomGrants program which allows for nonprofits to submit their applications, identify service categories and requests for funding. The application period historically lasts from November to January. Applicants choose one of six service categories as identified as local area priorities.
  • Community Services 
  • Emergency Food and Clothing 
  • General Services • Senior Support 
  • Support Services, Shelter, and Domestic Violence Services 
  • Youth, Young Adults, Family Support
After the initial application closes, CWD staff review each application to ensure that applicants meet the minimum criteria, conduct risk assessments of the agencies, complete due diligence ensuring the agency is in good standing, reviews past reports to determine that the agency met contractual obligations and compiles the report for committee review. Any issues or concerns from previous monitoring or technical assistance provided are also included in the staff report to the committee.

Application Evaluation

In order to allocate funds equitably among applicants, the Outside Agency Citizen Review Committee, a six-member committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors, reviews each report for each agency applying for funding assistance. The committee is comprised of one BOS district appointee, one County Administrator appointee and the CWD Director or designee sits on the committee as an ex-officio non-voting member. The committee acts as the evaluation committee for the county’s procurement process. 

 Based on the BOS approved budget for the program, the committee designates a total fund limit for each service category. This amount is determined through guidance from their appointing BOS and identifies priorities of need as listed in the application. 

 The committee holds public meetings in a round table format where applicants answer a series of questions. Each round table is composed of applicants who provide services in the same service category. During the round table meetings, committee members are able to base their questions on the application as well as the staff reports. After the committee reviews data, the application, staff reports and risk assessments the members vote to determine if the agency is funded and allocates specific funding amounts. The committee’s recommendations are presented to the BOS who make the final funding awards. Only agencies recommended by the committee and approved by the BOS are eligible for funding and contracts. 

 The Pima County Outside Citizen Review Committee adheres to By-Laws as revised on March 2, 2023, follows Arizona Open Meeting law and adheres to Public Officers and Employees Conflict of interest; exemptions; employment prohibition.

Funding Priorities

The following funding priorities have been designated however these priorities may change based on BOS recommendations. 
  • Basic Needs: Access to nutritious food which meet dietary and health needs and shelter that is safe and affordable (less than 30% of one’s income) A focus on both the delivery of services and development of systems that prevent and reduce immediate and long-term harm; 
  • Safety: Emergency assistance, counseling and shelter provided to victims of domestic violence
  • Quality of Life: Assurance of providing opportunities for a stable life to prevent harm, protect individuals from risk or danger and ability to meet daily living needs; and 
  • Support Services: Assurance of quality senior care, after school care, early childhood education, rehabilitation and functionally for people with a disability, and prevention or reduction of risky behavior. 
Service priorities that have been established by the BOS have historically been in the following social service categories:
  • Community Services: Programs providing overarching services for the entire County;
  • Emergency Food and Clothing: Programs attending to the immediate needs of food & clothing;
  • General Services: Programs recommended by the BOS or staff for general services that meet a critical need for Pima County;
  • Senior Support: Programs providing services for the vulnerable elderly (meals, socialization, recreation, and volunteer coordination);
  • Support Services, Shelter and Domestic Violence Services: Programs providing temporary shelter (for homeless, victims of domestic violence, teens, etc.) and programs providing support services (case management, legal assistance, housing location assistance, etc.) and programs focused on preventing homelessness among all vulnerable populations (identify, intervene and transition to permanent affordable housing);
  • Youth, Young Adults and Family Support: Programs aimed at assisting vulnerable and at-risk children, youth, young adults and families in reaching their goals.

Funding Overview 

The budget for the Outside Agency Program is approved by the BOS during the county’s budget process. Finalized and approved budgets are historically completed by June 30th for a July 1st implementation schedule. Following the BOS budget process, selected agencies are sent an award letter from the CWD Director or designee. Should an agency not be selected, CWD Director or designee will send a letter of notification. 

After the agency is awarded a contract, they are invited to attend a meeting with CWD administration, operations and other CWD staff to ensure the agency understands fiscal reporting, invoicing, and reports necessary to ensure that funds are being spent as stated in the contract. 

Outside agency staff may also hold individual agency meetings on site especially for new agencies unfamiliar with the county’s process.

Appeal and/or Protest Process

To ensure a consistent process for the review of funding recommendations and decisions made by the OA Citizen Review Committee, any organization, whose request for funding has been recommended for denial, reduction, or termination by the committee may seek a review of the committee’s decision. The request for review must be submitted by the organization within ten business days from the date the decision is posted. 
The request for review must be in writing and must include:
  1. Name and address of organization; 
  2. Signature of the chief officer of the organization; 
  3. The specific committee decision for which the review is requested;
  4. The specific reason(s) warranting review of the committee’s decision:
    1. Relevant information which was not available when the committee made its decision;
    2. Explanation of a factual error which contributed to the decision;
  5. Relief requested by the organization
After receipt of the written Request for Review, the Committee will schedule a meeting in order to provide the organization with an opportunity to present its concerns regarding the funding recommendation. During the organization’s presentation, the Committee may ask questions. Thereafter the Committee will discuss, deliberate and make a decision to maintain or alter its original recommendation. 

Selected Agencies

After the initial RFP, contractual award and execution, agencies are required to submit monthly reports as well as cooperate with the county’s monitoring process. This process ensures that funding awarded is spent in compliance with the contract and that the agency is utilizing the funds based on their application. The committee reviews these reports annually and makes recommendations to the BOS for continued funding in year two. 

The county operates on a reimbursement model for contracted agencies. Agencies awarded a contract are able to invoice the county. In order to maintain transparency and effective stewardship of government funds, agencies are required to provide the county with an invoice along with supporting documentation supporting the cost for each item on the invoice. 

Internally, CWD fiscal staff assures that the following items are included and reviews supporting documentation for each invoice request. Supporting documentation includes: appropriate back up documentation provided with correct monthly, financial report form and completed accurately; time and effort sheets for staff costs that are provided quarterly; assures that total draw down is within 10% of expected percent within the fiscal year; review of remaining budget amounts in individual line items; review all informational lines are completed and correct; agency submits original documents with signatures; as well as quarterly program reports reflecting equal percentage of services provided at the time of review.

If agency reports or information is inaccurate, the program coordinator and/or CWD fiscal will call or email the agency’s financial contact requesting corrections, make corrections and supply appropriate supporting documents. When CWD fiscal finds financial support documents inconsistent with the financial report, staff will notify the agency’s point of contact as well as the program coordinator. The program coordinator adds the information and notes for the staff reports supplied to the committee.

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