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  • Waste and Recycling

    Household Hazardous Waste

    Many common materials found in households and businesses should not be disposed of in landfills and can be hazardous to the environment if disposed of improperly. Pima County/ City of Tucson program to reduce improper disposal of common household hazardous waste such as automotive products and paints.

    Illegal Dumping

    Investigates all complaints regarding illegal dumping (wildcat dumping); Performs routine surveillance of private and public lands throughout Pima County that are frequent dump sites. Obtains evidence, issues citations to responsible parties, and ensure proper disposal of the solid wastes. Once a month, staff supervises Adult Probation Workers during the cleaning of public land of ""wildcat"" solid waste. Staff also coordinates neighborhood clean-ups with community leaders and neighborhood groups.

    Landfills and Transfer Stations

    List of Landfills and Transfer Stations including their locations, hours of operation, maps, and fees.

    Liquid and Solid Waste Haulers

    Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) is authorized to inspect septic tank cleaners (a.k.a. liquid waste haulers, pumper trucks) on an annual basis. All liquid waste haulers need to apply for and obtain PDEQ licenses for their business and for each vehicle used in the collection and/or transportation of all human excreta, industrial and commercial waste before it is used in any liquid waste collection activity.

    Recycling and Waste Reduction

    Information on Pima County and City of Tucson Curbside Recycling Program.

    Waste Tire Program

    Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, Solid Waste Management Division, has developed a new "Annual Waste Tire Generator Registration Form" and "Waste Tire Disposal Manifest" for use by retailers for acceptance or their tires at the Tangerine Landfill Waste Tire Collection Site.

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