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    You can download the "MyPimaCounty" directly on your phone from the Android Market app on Android phone. Download the iPhone Market app on your iPhone.  

    Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) Program

    The purpose of this program is to immediately abate graffiti on all public properties and to provide private property owners in unincorporated Pima County with a Graffiti Abatement Assistance Program. Pima County’s program Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) is designed to prevent and control the spread of graffiti.

    To report graffiti in Pima County call (520) 792-TAAG (8224), fill out this online form or use the phone app.

    Poster Contest Information and Winners

    See information on our upcoming contest and check out the winning and top 50 entries of our 2023 TAAG Make Art Not Graffiti Poster Contest. ​


    The Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) program in the Pima County Department of Transportation was created in 2006 to immediately abate graffiti on all public properties and to assist private property owners in unincorporated Pima County in dealing with graffiti.

    TAAG has handled more than 3,300 calls for graffiti cleanup and abated more than 1.3 million square feet of graffiti in the last three years.

    To report graffiti or seek assistance from TAAG, call (520) 792-8224 (TAAG) or email using this form

    Or use the free “MYPIMACOUNTY” smart phone app.

    You can get the phone app or more information in the "Phone Apps" tab above.

    What is Graffiti?

    Graffiti is a crime! It is the unauthorized placement of wording, initials, slogans, or drawings, which are spray-painted, sketched or marked, on a wall, a building, or other surfaces that are visible to the public.  Graffiti can have a negative impact on a community.

    How the Program Works

    Graffiti on Public Property:

    If the property is public property, contact us and register a report.  A service request will be issued and clean-up crew will respond to perform clean up.  Public property includes, but is not limited to property within unincorporated Pima County, drainage channels, culverts, bridges, sound walls, sidewalks, river parks, and all public buildings maintained by Pima County .

    Graffiti on Private Property:

    • Contact the Pima County Sheriff’s Department at 520-351-4900 and file a police report. 
    • Contact the TAAG Program to register your complaint and provide your police report number.
    • TAAG staff will register your request.
    • Field personnel will be dispatched to property location to determine if assistance can be provided.
      • Criteria for receiving assistance: graffiti must be in a location with high public visibility adjacent to public property and at least 100 square feet in size.  The TAAG Program does not perform abatement on private property dwellings, temporary signs or mobile containers (i.e. storage units, trash dumpsters, vehicles)
    • If assistance can be provided property owners will be contacted and asked to sign/ submit a release of liability waiver. 
    • Upon receipt of signed waiver a service request will be generated and a clean-up crew will be assigned to perform the cleanup.
    • If your property is within an HOA, please contact your HOA prior to contacting TAAG. Most homes that are members of an HOA are eligible for services through their management provider.

    Graffiti on Commercial Property

    Assistance to commercial properties is limited.  TAAG Program Coordinator will determine if assistance can be provided to commercial properties. In most cases, graffiti clean-up is the responsibility of the individual business owner.

    Graffiti on Utility Equipment

    Graffiti on utility equipment will be reported to the appropriate responding authority.  Pima County will not perform abatement on any utility equipment.

    Please contact the appropriate authorities when reporting graffiti.

    Wishing to Perform Your Own Abatement?

    Pima County welcomes community partnerships whether it’s performing your own abatement or contacting us for assistance.  We welcome your participation.


    If you would like to participate in volunteer clean-up events, please contact the Coordinator at (520) 724-6410.

    Important things to remember

    • Remove graffiti immediately! Allowing graffiti to remain on your property for any length of time is an invitation for other taggers to vandalize your property.
    • The immediate removal of graffiti is the best deterrent for combatting graffiti.
    • Use a color that matches the surface.  Painting with an off color highlights the presence of graffiti.
    • Painting is the most effective way to remove graffiti.  It’s much easier to paint an entire area than to try to repair a small area.
    • When removing graffiti do not follow the graffiti outline.  Cleaning only the affected area can result in further etching of the graffiti.
    • Control access by installing lighting around your property.  Use motion sensors in remote areas.
    • Planting vegetation around inviting surfaces prevents your property from becoming a target spot.  Thorn-growing plants can be an effective way to keep vandals away.

    Kids on Graffiti

    An important step in keeping our community graffiti free is through education.  Share this activitiy book with kids in your community!

    Phone Apps

    "MyPimaCounty" phone application lets iPhone or Android device users take pictures of graffiti and submit requests for cleanup. Using GPS, the app attaches a location to the image, then instantly forwards it to techs in the field. Also get real-time status updates on submitted complaints.

    You download them directly on your phone from


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