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  • Public Works Quick Reference Guide

    Public Works

    This site serves to provide the most commonly asked for services and information from Pima County Public Works. Though this site contains information from all Public Works departments, it is not intended to be comprehensive. If you can’t find what you need, please visit the individual department pages.

    Public Works Departments

    Can’t find what you need here?

    See Pima County Directory Contact or visit department page.

    Phone: 1-520-724-9999

    Toll Free: 1-800-775-7462

    Most Popular Public Works Services

    Find information for service requests in Pima County below. *Matching keyword results if any will appear beneath the box.

    Available Services


    SewersRaw Sewage,odor

    Zoning and Code Violationsreport,zoning

    Environmental Concernsair quality, water quality, waste, weeds, buffelgrass, homelessness

    Flood Controlhazard floodplain

    Vector Complaints (Mosquitos, Cockroaches/Rodents, Bees/Wasps/Flies, Bed Bugs)manage,floodplain,mosquitos

    Submit an Odor Issue in Your Area


    Development Services Departmentbuilding,permit,solar

    Regional Wastewater Reclamation Departmentsewer access,manhole,permit,discharge,septage

    Department of Transportation

    Flood Control

    Floodplain Review and Approval is Required for any Improvements on a Property Where There are Flood hazards.

    Department of Environmental Quality

    GIS Mapsgis,map


    New Projects and Reports

    Miscellaneous Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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    Public Works Administration

    115 N. Church Ave.
    2nd Floor, Suite 231
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-8480
    Fax: (520) 838-7430

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