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  • General Information Regarding Small Claims

    Small claims suits cannot exceed $3500, excluding interest and court costs. Small Claims is an informal method of resolving civil disputes; formal rules of procedure do not apply.  Procedures in small claims cases are intended to be simple enough for a person to file all the necessary forms and represent him/herself at an informal hearing.  Parties may not be represented by attorneys.  The decision in a small claims case is final and binding on both parties.  There is no right to a jury trial or an appeal.

    For a complete packet of information and forms, please call Ajo Justice Court at (520) 387-7684.

    There are two specific motions allowed by law in a small claims action. These are Motion for Change of Venue (Location) and Motion to Vacate a Judgment.

    What types of cases can be filed in Small Claims Court?

    The Court only has jurisdiction to hear cases concerning specific issues. Typical cases eligible for small claims include the following:
    • Breach of a written or oral contract.
    • Return of money used as a down payment.
    • Damage to or loss of property.
    • Consumer complaints for defective merchandise or faulty workmanship.
    • Collection of payment for work performed.
    • Claims based on bad checks.
    • Claims for back rent or security deposit

    Types of cases that cannot be filed in Small Claims Court include:

    • Seeking injunctive relief.
    • Actions for specific performance.
    • A claim of defamation, libel or slander.
    • Action brought or defended on behalf of a class.
    • Request for or involvement of prejudgment remedies.
    • Forcible entry, forcible detainer or unlawful detainer (eviction).
    • Action against this state, its officers or employees of any city, county, or other political subdivision in their capacity and damages sought.


    If the complaint has been filed in the wrong precinct, the defendant can file a Motion for Change of Venue. The form may be obtained from the court. The plaintiff may file an objection to the requested change. If the court orders a change of venue, the case shall be transferred to the proper precinct and the plaintiff shall pay all fees. The motion alleging improper venue must be made before filing the ANSWER. If the defendant fails to file a timely request for a change of venue, that right is waived.

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