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  • Budet is Lower for 2014-2015, Tax Rate is Higher

    Jul 09, 2014 | Read More News
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    The budget that won Board of Supervisors approval for 2014-2015 is down nearly 6.2 percent from last year, but the primary property-tax rate had to be raised 15.3 percent to obtain sufficient revenue to maintain County services in the face of lower property values.

    The secondary tax rates also had to be raised to provide sufficient funds for the Free Library District and the Regional Flood Control District. That increase was reduced by a reduction in the secondary rate for Debt Service.

    The budget and primary tax rate included specific increases for Certificates of Participation debt, Sheriff’s Department, Indigent Criminal Defense, Stadium District, Information Technology, Facilities Management, Wildcat Dump Enforcement, and Road Repairs.

    The $1.19 billion 2014-2015 budget includes funding for the Justice Courts Building and a new Fleet Services Complex for Facilities Management. It boosts funding for the Sheriff’s Department and Indigent Criminal Defense, which have been exceeding their budgets in recent years. There is more money for the Stadium District, which is reeling from the loss of Major League Baseball spring training and its debt will not be paid off until 2017-2018. The board allocated $5 million for road repairs to offset somewhat the county’s losses of Highway User Revenue Funds due to the Legislature’s raids on them to pay for other state expenses.

    Much of the increase for the Regional Flood Control District is for it to take over maintenance of the Loop bicycle path along area waterways from the Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Department. The Free Library District increase bolsters its Fund Balance and restores lost services and eight lost library managers.

    The budget maintains funding ($15 million) for the University of Arizona Medical Center South Campus, the only hospital in the region south of 22nd Street and an important training site for medical personnel.