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    “ I have been and will continue to be in near daily contact with our federal and state partners regarding the detention and transport of unaccompanied minors and families in and  through Pima County.   Just today I have been in contact with representatives from the Assistant Secretary of Health & Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, and the Arizona Department of Health Services  regarding recent press coverage on this issue.  Based on my discussions with these various professionals, I continue to believe the public health threat presented by unaccompanied minors to be minimal.   I also believe that the public health risk presented by families in transit through our county is low.  
    In a Memorandum to the Pima County Board of Supervisors on July 11,  I noted that a FIVE cases of infectious disease had been identified by the staff providing medical care to the children at the Nogales facility.  The fact that these illnesses have been identified demonstrates that the screening process developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  and implemented at that facility is working.   In addition, these identified cases are being aggressively investigated by CDC officers.  
    In this humanitarian crisis there are health risks to the children that are in custody, but the public health risks to the community and to the people of Pima County remain low and manageable.
    My sole priority remains the health and well-being of the residents of and visitors to Pima County, and I continue to monitor this very fluid situation as it evolves.   As a member of this community, a father and your Public Health Doctor, I am committed to the health and safety of our community and will continue to regularly monitor and report on potential health risks."
    - Dr. Francisco Garcia

    Memo to Pima County Board of Supervisors - July 11, 2014
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