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  • Pima County Health Department director update on the potential health impacts of undocumented minors

    Jul 18, 2014 | Read More News
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    Dr. Francisco GarciaPima County Health Department Director Francisco Garcia has provided county administrators and the Board of Supervisors an update on the possible public health impacts of the federal government’s transportation of Central American undocumented immigrant children through and to Pima County and the processing center in Nogales.

    Some national media reports this week suggested there was a breakdown in the screening process at Nogales. However, Dr. Garcia says that based on his communications with numerous federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control, he believes the screening process is working as intended and the threat to public health in Pima County remains low.

    In fact, he thinks the real public health threat is to the undocumented children in transit and in the processing centers, not the general public.