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  • Community Restitution Information

    If a defendant is sentenced to pay a fine, a fee, assessment, or incarceration costs, and the court finds the defendant is unable to pay all or part of those costs, the court may order the defendant to perform community restitution work in lieu of the payment for all or part of those costs. The amount of community restitution shall be calculated in hours based on a rate of $10 per hour.

    Community restitution means unpaid labor or services provided to a not-for-profit private or governmental agency other than the court.

    The restitution is available only in criminal cases and does not normally apply to civil traffic or other civil violations. Community service may not be applied to state surcharges, restitution, or reimbursable costs. Defendants who are allowed to perform community restitution will be monitored monthly in the same way as those paying monetary amounts. Proof of community restitution hours should be submitted to the court on letterhead from the agency.

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