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  • Decoding the Status of a Current Permit

    The Following statuses are listed in alphabetical order.

    ADM REV = Administrative Review. Pima County is reviewing the applicant's submittal to determine if all of the required documents were submitted per the instructions posted on our web page.

    APPROVED = Approved. The application meets the requirements of Pima County ordinances and codes and has been approved by staff.

    DEFICNT = Deficient. The applicant has been notified to submit required documents that were missing in the initial submittal.

    DENIED = Denied. The plans have been submitted for re-review for the maximum of times per SOP 220.0 and are not approvable. Applicant may submit a new application with fees per SOP 220.0

    FINAL = Final. All inspections have been passed and the permit requirements are completed.

    ISSUED = Issued. All permit fees have been paid and a permit has been issued to construct the work.

    PLANRFAI = Plans Returned for Additional Information or corrections. The Substantive Review found errors or omissions in the plans and a notice has been sent to the applicant to correct the errors or supply the missing information.

    SUB REV = Substantive Review. Pima County is performing the substantive review to verify that the submitted documents meet the requirements of Pima County ordinances and codes based on the permit type. Note: Permits prior to 2013 may have different statuses. Older permits can be determined by the year code in the permit number. For example P14CP0001 was the first "CP" permit issued in 2014.

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