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  • 2014 Materion Ceramics Permit Revision Information

    Materion Ceramics, Inc. Air Quality Permit Revision Application

    The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of completing the Air Quality Permit revision application from the Materion Ceramics, Inc. manufacturing facility.

    Documents related to the Materion Ceramics, Inc. Air Quality Permit will be placed on this page as they become available.

    If you have questions regarding this permit, please contact Karen Wilhelmsen of PDEQ at (520) 724-7449 or e-mail Karen Wilhelmsen.


    Air Quality Permit Revision Application  (7-15-2014)
    Proposed Technical Support Document (TSD)  (12/2014)
    Proposed Revised Air Quality Permit


    Public Notice Document   (1/5/2015)
    Open House Media Release  (1/7/2015)
    Response to Public Comments Cover Letter  (4/30/2015)
    Pima County Responses to Public Comments  (4/28/2015)
    Final Technical Support Document (TSD)  (4/29/2015)
    Final Revised Air Quality Permit  (4/29/2015