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  • New video captures beauty and bounty of Pima County's Native Plant Nursery

    Oct 29, 2014 | Read More News
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    Pima County’s Native Plant Nursery salvages plants that would otherwise be destroyed by County construction projects and grows thousands of native plants for landscaping around County buildings, in its parks and along its roadways.

    Native Plant NurseryA new video produced by the Pima County Communications Office shows the beauty and the bounty that the Native Plant Nursery cultivates so that we all can see and enjoy the plants that are truly at home in the Sonoran Desert.

    To see it, visit the Pima County YouTube channel and select Pima County Native Plant Nursery.

    The Native Plant Nursery was part of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan initiated by the Pima County Board of Supervisors in 1999 to balance area growth and development with conservation of environmentally sensitive land.

    The nursery is at 5845 N. Camino de la Tierra, on the grounds of the Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department.

    See the nursery’s handiwork at Pima Prickly Park, also on the parks department grounds; the Old Pima County Courthouse; and Eckstrom-Columbus Library.

    The nursery does not sell or make plants available to the public.

    But the public benefits.

    “Having green space in an urban area leads to a healthier population,” nursery manager Jessie Byrd says in the video. “By putting these plants back into our urban areas, it’s giving the pollinators the resources that they need. … So not only are we doing something that we know is good for the people in an urban area, we’re also doing something that is really good for the critters in an urban area.

    “And that way the whole entire system, everyone who is living in the desert, is benefiting from these plants.”