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  • County Cooperative Agreements - Authorized Agencies

    Authorized Use of County Contracts by other Public Agencies via Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

    Revision Date: June 21, 2021

    Cooperative Procurements are authorized by Pima County Procurement Code 11.24.010. As allowed by law, County has entered into cooperative purchasing agreements that enable other Public Agencies to utilize procurement agreements that County has developed.

    Participating agencies may contact Contractor with requests to provide services and products pursuant to the pricing, terms and conditions defined by the County’s contracts. Minor adjustments are allowed subject to agreement by both Contractor and Requesting Party to accommodate additional cost or other factors not present in the County’s agreement and required to satisfy particular Public Agency code or functional requirements and within the intended scope of the solicitation and resulting contract. The parties to the cooperative procurement will negotiate and transact any such usage in accordance with State, County and other Public Agency procurement rules, regulations and requirements. Contractor will hold harmless County, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all liability, including without limitation payment and performance associated with such use.

    Although the County may, at its own discretion, facilitate the resolution of issues regarding the use of County procurement solicitation to develop independent agreements, and the subsequent use of the same, by Authorized Public Agencies, the County assumes no responsibility for payment, performance or any other responsibility or liability regarding agreements between the Contractor and other Agencies.

    Questions regarding a particular County solicitation or contract may be directed to the Procurement Officer. Commodity assignments are posted at the Procurement Department website: Pima County Procurement Department website by clicking on the Vendor Information tab and the Procurement Officer Based on Commodity Code link.  

    The Procurement Department main phone number is: 520.724.8161. 
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