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    Project Qualifications

    1. Eligibility to use SolarAPP a

    • Main Dwelling Rooftop, Permitted, Residential structures only.
    • No Ballasted Systems.
    • NOT in a special district or an historic neighborhood.
    • NOT in an environmentally sensitive area or hillside development zone.
    • NOT located in a County Flood Hazard or flood plain area. b
    • Located in Tucson or Unincorporated Pima County.
    • Licensed contractors only.

    2. Submit for Automated Review Through SolarAPP

    Solar APP Logo

    • Submit your design to  solarapp.nrel.gov .
    • Click Login or Register to get started. c
    • A $25 processing fee will be charged by the SolarAPP website. d 
    Building Permit

    3. Apply for Permit

    • Apply for your permit .
    • Click Create an Application.
    • Include your approved set of documents and your SolarAPP approval number to proceed. e
    • Include the word "SolarAPP" as the first word in the project description.
    • Revisions, Submit to BuildingPermit@pima.gov for recording prior to inspection.



    4. Getting an Inspection

    • Click here to see how to submit your Offline Field Report using Vuspex. Offline Field Reports will be required for all roof-top mounted solar projects.
    • After March 01, 2023 a virtual inspection for rooftop mounted solar may only be scheduled for power kills by visiting the Building Inspection Portal.


    a. If your PV installation conflicts with any of the qualification criteria, please submit your application and documents using the standard permitting process. Use the custom Pima Map to research your property.
    b. For properties inside of Flood Hazard Areas, if the system is being installed with a lease agreement the SolarAPP automated review may be used. If the property lies in a Flood Hazard Area and the system will be owned by the property owner, a traditional plan review will be required.
    c. When registering with NREL please have your Contractors license information on hand.
    d. This step does not issue a building permit. Proceed to the next step to apply for your building permit with a list of required inspections.

    e. A permit will be issued upon payment of a $85 permitting fee. This fee will need to be paid prior to scheduling your inspections.

    SolarAPP Webinar 

    View the SolarAPP webinar for an overview of how the same day solar permitting process can work for you. You'll see a brief outline of how to submit to SolarAPP+, Pima County, and how to schedule a remote inspection. 

    Submitting to TEP (Click for more)

      If you are using SolarAPP, here's how it will affect the information you provide to TEP:

      • Please do not include SolarAPP documents in your submittal to TEP.
      • Three-line drawings are still required for the approval of your application and the submission of your Notice of Completion (NIC).
      • One-line diagrams are no longer required.
      • Traditional site plans are being replaced by image requirements (see sample), that must include
        • Aerial photo of the home and property
        • location of the existing service entrance
        • New location of the service entrance and panel size, if applicable
        • Proposed location of solar disconnect/inverter (Please indicate that the equipment will be within 10 feet of the revenue meter.)
        • Existing panel size, if known
        • Existing service wire size, if known
      • TEP still requires final project drawings and inspection results for As Built and the NIC.

      If you have any questions or concerns about how using the SolarAPP affects the project process, please contact TEP at renewables@tep.com. For more information on getting started with solar with TEP, visit their website.

    Submitting to Trico

      Below outlines the submittal process to Trico:

      • Please do not include SolarAPP documents in your submittal to Trico.
      • Fully executed member documentation, to include Terms and Conditions and applicable Tariff Application.
      • At minimum, the permit application is required for submission to confirm permit process is in progress.
      • Site Plan and Three-line drawings are required for application submission and interconnection approval.
      • Site photos of the main service panel, internal components, and panel location.
      • Main service panel modifications and panel size must be noted, if applicable. (i.e. derate, upgrade, relocation)
      • Proposed location of all equipment, existing or new. To include the disconnect and inverter location (Please indicate that the equipment will be within 10 feet of the revenue meter.)
      • Final project plans are required for all final inspection requests, and must note any redlined items, if applicable. Trico has waived the jurisdiction permit stamp on the final plan set.
      • Copy of Building Permit is required for final inspection request.
      • Jurisdiction inspection clearance must be provided at the time of final inspection request.
      • Permission to Operate will be provided once all final documentation requirements are met and Trico’s final inspection has been completed.

    Submitting your revision

      To revise your permit with Pima County, please follow the steps below.

      • Compose an Email to BuildingPermit@Pima.gov.
      • Include in the Email Subject your permit number and the words SolarAPP Revision.
      • In the body of the Email provide a detailed description for the revision and work affected.
      • Attach your SolarAPP documents to the Email and send.
      • Please allow 1-2 business days after submitting your revision for processing before scheduling your inspection.


    Other Resources

    Solar Panels

    There are numerous programs, public and private, to help you learn about the benefits of solar. See below for some helpful links.


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