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  • Flood Control

    Permits and Drainage Complaints

    The District is responsible for reviewing Floodplain Use Permit applications, establishing conditions for acceptable floodplain development and issuing FPUP which authorize constriction within the floodplain. This District is also responsible for evaluating concerns of Pima County residents regarding development that is occurring without authorization, but for which a permit is necessary. The Drainage Complaint process is the primary mechanism for this compliance assessment. The Drainage Complaint process is also used by Pima County residents to alert the District of the need for maintenance of District-owned or managed facilities.

    Ordinance, Policies and Procedures

    Information on Floodplain Ordinances, Riparian Habitat Guidelines, Substantive Policy Statements, Technical Procedures, and District Standards.

    Maps (Flood Hazard Maps)

    "The District uses maps in a variety of ways; to convey flood hazard information, to graphically describe flood control projects, or to relate other spatial data. These maps may be static like a paper map or interactive, such as those using MapGuide as an interface over the internet.

    This page contains information and links to maps such as Flood and Erosion Hazard, Riparian Habitat, and Infrastruture (Capital Improvement Project MapGuide)."

    Floodplain Studies and Projects

    Current District publications studies, and reports such as Floodplain Studies Report, Riparian Habitat, Water Resources and SDCP Report, US Army Corps of Engineers Report, Quarterly and Annual Report.


    District staff strives to develop and utilize the most current, accurate flood hazard information possible to promote the public welfare of all residents of Pima County. One of the most difficult parts of that process is conveying the significant risk of flood hazards in a desert environment. Let's face it, most people don't equate deserts and flooding. The District is always trying to improve how we make sure that the public has the information and tools available to know what hazards affect them. The District encourages you to review the outreach information on this page and become better informed about flood hazards in Pima County.

    Precipitation and Streamflow Data

    The District operates and maintains a network of real-time sensors used to collect hydrometeorological data.  This network provides information to county personnel and other agencies about precipitation, stormwater runoff, and weather conditions affecting our regional watersheds.