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    Welcome to the Pima County Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Here you can easily locate GIS maps, GIS data, and other GIS related information.  Pima County is dedicated to GIS services in order to better serve the public.

    Visit our Pima County GIS overview page for more.

    For PimaMaps classes see the class announcement.

    About Us

    Pima County Geographic Information Systems (Pima County GIS) converts and maintains geographic data in ArcGIS, AutoCAD and other computer program formats. A primary use for this data is to assist Public Works departments in automating and streamlining their operations. Pima County GIS also provides programs and assistance to users who wish to access their data directly, including training in the use of GIS software, hardware, and related concepts.

    Pima County GIS also focuses on the production of meaningful end-products. These may be cartographic maps and displays or reports derived from simple or complex data analysis processes. The division provides assistance in retrieving useful data from the Pima County GIS Library.

    GIS data and services are supplied to Pima County departments, other public agencies, and private commercial users in exchange for fees. All users benefit by sharing the cost of developing expensive GIS databases and applications. Non-commercial users have access to the county's GIS data for the cost of reproduction.

    Major product areas

    • Special Projects (Limited duration activities)
    • Geographic data development and maintenance (On-going activities)
    • Web-based GIS
    • GIS Data


    Pima County GIS is a catalyst for change in the way Pima County collects, stores, and uses geographic information. We are accomplishing this by:
    • Coordinating the development of GIS databases and multiple users.
    • Educating public and private agencies about GIS technology.
    • Seeding public agencies with GIS technology and expertise.
    • Creating and maintaining GIS data standards.
    • Developing applications which meet the needs of the county and community.
    • Providing high-level GIS consulting services.


    A few maps and features on this site require web browser plug-ins.
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    Geographic Information Systems

    33 N. Stone Ave., 14th Fl.
    Mail-Stop Code DTBAB17-425
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-6670
    Fax: (520) 791-6588

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