Classic Measles Rash

Measles is a highly contagious rash illness caused by the measles virus. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough and a rash all over the body.

The best way to prevent measles is through the wide-spread use of the measles vaccine. The best way to see if you or your child is vaccinated, or to get vaccinated, is to visit your healthcare provider. Most community health centers, clinics, and pharmacies can also provide the vaccine. For those who are uninsured or under-insured, the Pima County Health Department can provide vaccination for children and adults. Click here to learn more about Health Department vaccination services. 

The vaccine to prevent measles, MMR, is generally administered when a child is between 12 and 15 months of age. A second dose of MMR is required in Arizona before a child starts school and can be administered as soon as four weeks after the first dose, if necessary. More than 99% of individuals who receive two doses of MMR vaccine develop evidence of immunity to measles.

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