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    Solar One Stop

    The Solar One Stop is a multi-agency collaborative effort of Pima County and the City of Tucson, originally funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar America Communities Initiative and maintained by Pima County.  The program’s mission is to spread information on affordable, quality, and efficient solar technologies for homes and businesses. The City and County continue to utilize all possible sources of financing for solar on public sites and to better integrate solar into city and county planning processes and green building initiatives.

    In addition to this regional solar website, there is a Solar One Stop Center located in the main lobby of the Public Works Building, 201 N. Stone, Tucson, AZ.  It provides a central clearinghouse of regional solar information for residents, businesses, and solar companies.  A computer with keyboard is on site at the center to help the public research solar permit requirements and find out about rebates and incentives available for using solar energy.  Solar displays include a photovoltaic panel, solar skylight tube, solar water heater collector, a DC inverter and a solar powered swimming pool heater.

    Pima County

    Pima County Logo The Pima County Board of Supervisors provided the inspiration and direction for a systematic approach to integrating the goals of sustainability into virtually all facets of the way Pima County government operates with their unanimous adoption of Resolution No. 2007-84 on May 1, 2007. The resolution establishes a far-reaching set of sustainability initiatives.

    The Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations recommends specific actions for enhancing county performance, including renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.  A new five-year Action Plan was approved and implemented in July, 2014.  A key goal of the action plan is to have 15% of all energy used by county facilities come from renewable resources by 2025.

    An annual Sustainability Report Card showcases significant accomplishments in waste reduction, energy conservation, green building, renewable energy, land conservation and management, green purchasing, and water conservation and management.  The report card also provides feedback to county supervisors, county staff, and the general public on the county’s performance.  It allows the county to track its progress during each year of its five-year action plan.  

    City of Tucson

    COT Logo

    The City of Tucson was chosen as one of 25 US Department of Energy (DOE) Solar America Cities in 2007 as a leader in solar energy development and promotion.  Tucson began installing solar equipment on city facilities in 1999 when the new Ward 4 building was built with rooftop PV panels.  Through 2014, the City has installed solar panels at more than 25 sites, including reservoir decks, a parking garage, neighborhood community center gymnasiums, city buildings, police stations, and large open areas.  All of these are grid-tied connected to Tucson Electric Power (TEP) or Trico Electric Coop, and supply part of the electricity needed for each of those facilities.

    The City of Tucson has also installed solar water heating systems at six sites, including fire stations, community centers, and the Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center.  Tucson has also installed numerous solar powered lights and signs in dog parks, washes, pedestrian walkways, and more.

    The City of Tucson received IRS allocations of Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBS) which have been used to finance over 3 megawatts (MW) of PV projects across the city.   The City also buys solar power from a 4 MW third-party owned solar farm located at a water pumping station in the Avra Valley under a Power Purchase Agreement with SunPower and participates in the TEP Community Solar Program for another 8-10 MW of solar power. 

    Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership

    PAG Logo

    The Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership seeks to increase awareness of solar energy opportunities through education and outreach. A cooperative effort among government agencies, local businesses, local electric utilities, solar manufacturers, solar installers and concerned individuals, the Solar Partnership encourages the use of solar energy by identifying the benefits of using solar and educates others about solar opportunities to support our solar economy.

    The Solar Partnership was established in 2008 in conjunction with a grant the City of Tucson received from the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar America Cities Program.

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    Solar One Stop

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    the City of Tucson.


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