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  • The Anza Trail

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    In late October 1775, a large expedition commanded by Juan Bautista de Anza, a Lieutenant–Colonel in the Royal Spanish cavalry and Commander of the Tubac Presidio, traveled northward along the Santa Cruz River Valley, on its way to establish and colonize a Presidio at San Francisco, California. The Expedition consisted of Anza, 3 Franciscan priests and their servants, a commissary, a lieutenant, a sergeant, 28 soldiers, the wives of the sergeant and soldiers, 136 colonists (men, women, and children), 20 muleteers, 3 vaqueros (cowboys), and three Indian interpreters. In addition, there were 695 horses and mules, and 355 beef cattle. There were no wheeled conveyances of any kind. Everyone either walked or rode horses or mules on their five-month journey to San Francisco.

    This web site concentrates on the segment of the expedition that is within the boundaries of present day Pima County.

    de Anza Flash Presentation

    de Anza Flash Presentation

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