FM3.02 Downtown Court Complex

Total Project Cost: $146,629,953
Project Number: CFMBJUSCT
Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds
Completion Date: November 2013
Managing Dept.: Facilities Management
Project Map: GIS Map

This project included Phase 1 construction of the County Public Service Center core, shell and central plant.  The Court Tower consists of seven floors above grade and two floors below grade totaling 288,363 gross square feet (GSF) including a mechanical penthouse.  A 6,936 GSF Central Plant was part of this phase of the project. Also included in the project were:
• Demolition and abatement of existing structures
• Utility relocations
• Property right- of- way abandonments
• Archeological excavations and relocations
• Architectural / Engineering design costs
• Materials testing and inspections
• Systems Commission
• Public Art
• Building permits
The Court Tower was designed to accommodate the Phase 2 tenant improvements for Justice Court public service areas, administrative offices, fourteen court rooms, judges’ chambers, security office, the Assessor’s Office, the Recorder’s Office, the Treasurer’s Office, and the Constables Office. 
The entire 6th floor has been shelled for  seven additional court rooms.  An approximate 8,700 SF portion of the Judges’ Chambers on the 7th floor is being left as shell space for a future tenant.
The project included the demolition, abatement and re-construction of the  1st and 2nd floors of the Administration West Building. The Adult Probation and Pretrial Services Departments were then relocated from the 8th floor of the Superior Court building to the newly renovated 1st and 2nd floor of the Administration West building.  This relocation allowed demolition and reconstruction of the 8th floor Superior Court for new court rooms and associated spaces.Downtown Court Complex