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  • Construction Alert: North Rillito Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation Project

    Apr 16, 2015 | Read More News
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    Construction is continuing on Pima County's North Rillito Interceptor (NRI) Sewer Rehabilitation Project. The 10-mile long NRI project is being completed in phases and the current construction is affecting an area bounded on the north by River Road, on the south by the Rillito River, on the east by Craycroft Road and on the west by Swan Road, including the Craycroft bridge section of The Loop.

    The contractor is currently installing the sewer bypass system which must be in place prior to rehabilitation work beginning on the sewer interceptor lines. There are a number of traffic controls in place through the middle of May and the traffic control along the shoulder/bike lade of the southbound (west side) Craycroft Road, between River Road and The Gregory School traffic signal, will remain in place through August 2015.

    Please take care while biking or walking on The Loop in this area, and drivers are asked to obey all speed limits and keep a careful eye out for cyclists and pedestrians who may be routed off of the sidewalk or Loop onto the roadway.

    The following traffic control is currently in place and will remain so throughout the construction, at least until the middle of May:
    • Traffic along north and southbound Craycroft Road, between River Road and The Gregory traffic signal, will be shifted to the east side of the road way.
    • Two northbound and two southbound travel lanes will be maintained.
    • Travel lanes will be reduced to ten-foot widths.
    • Turn movements at the intersection of River and Craycroft Roads will not be affected.
    • Access to The Gregory School and Castlehill Country Day School will be maintained at all times.
    • All turn movements at The Gregory traffic signal will be permitted.
    This traffic control will remain in place 24-hours per day through the middle of May 2015. For additional information or to view detailed maps of the area, visit Pima County's Sewer Improvements or call the information line at 520-622-2527.