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  • Remote Inspection Program

    Remote Inspections

    We've teamed up with Vuspex to make scheduling in-person and virtual inspections easier for you. Click here to visit our new Building Inspection Portal to give it a try. Note, the method outlined below will be discontinued at a future date.

    Why remote inspections?

    The purpose of the Pima County Remote Inspection Program is to provide the applicant an innovative alternative to an on-site inspection. This program is ideal for situations requiring prompt service with a specific inspection time. Currently the program requires the customer to use the Skype application with a minimum 3G connection.

    What to expect?

    • Applicant downloads Skype to a supported device.
    • Applicant schedules the remote inspection through our calendaring service (see below).
    • The Inspector initiates a call to the Applicant through Skype.
    • The inspector directs the Applicant through a video call of the work to be inspected.
    • The Inspector will result the inspection, results available through Permits.Pima.Gov.

    Is my permit eligible?

    • Yes, if your permit was initialized after July 07, 2014.
    • Yes, Sites-off-model permits are eligible for remote inspection if the County has an updated electronic copy of the model plan.
    • Yes, older permits without electronic documentation may be considered upon receipt of an electronic scan of the approved plan set. Scanned plans should be E-mailed to BuildingSafetyAdmin@pima.gov with a note requesting the documents be attached to the issued permit. (For files exceeding 20MB in size an FTP site may be needed to transfer documents.)
    Note: Depending on size, complexity, and type of inspection, a complete remote inspection may not be feasible. The remote inspector may partially approve the inspection and an on-site inspection may need to be scheduled by the applicant or contractor. In some cases two (2) back to back or consecutive appointments may be scheduled to accommodate larger projects.

    Download and Set Up Skype

    1. Download and install the Skype app (application) on your device. You can search for Skype using your devices app Store or click here to visit the developers website.
    2. Create your free Skype account by following the on screen instructions. Note: Skype for business is not supported for Remote Inspections.
    3. If you already have a free Skype account, sign in by following the steps below.
      • Open the Skype application.
      • Enter your Skype name, Email, or phone number and select Sign in.
      • Enter your password and select the arrow to continue.

    Note: Click here to locate the Skype username you'll need for the next step. Write the username down as you'll need it again for the appointment service set up.

    Set Up Appointment Service Account

    1. In your web browser, go to the Pima County Remote Inspection Appointment page.
    2. In the upper right corner of the Appointment Plus page, you'll see 'login' fields.
      1. If you already have an account with the Pima County Appointment Service, type your information here.
      2. If you do not have an account click the 'Log In' button leaving these fields blank.
    3. To create an account, click on the 'Create an Account' button on the left side of the window.
    4. Fill out the on screen form. Click 'Create Account'.

     Note: Click here for step by step instructions navigating the appointment page.

    Prepare For Your Inspection

    Prior to scheduling, ensure you have tools readily available based on the type of inspection you are requesting. Examples include a tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, etc... Ensure the work to be inspected is complete and ready prior to scheduling. Main Electrical Service upgrades or Power Kills should be brought to the attention of the Inspection Supervisor at least two days prior to the scheduled power kill.

    Note: A good, clear signal is essential for a successful inspection. Poor service or a weak signal will not provide a clear enough picture to complete your inspection. If we are unable to successfully complete your inspection due to poor connectivity, the Inspector may recommend your inspection be completed using an on-site inspection.

    Prior to scheduling your inspection.

    • Ensure you have important information on hand such as Permit Number, Inspection Type, etc...
    • If your permit number starts with the letter 'T' this is a City of Tucson permit. You'll need to schedule your inspection using their service.
    • Check your permit conditions to ensure any holds have been cleared.
    • Skype inspections may ben scheduled up to 5 days in advance.
    • Your accounts have been set up and your reasonably comfortable with the applications.

    Note: The Appointment service may allow the scheduling of inspections that may have 'Prior to' holds indicated in your permit conditions. Please check any previous inspection results for other outstanding issues prior to scheduling an appointment.

    Schedule Your Inspection

    1. Browse to the Pima County Remote Inspection appointment calendar.
    2. Start by logging in or setting up your account as outlined above.
    3. Select your desired date and time and click the "Book it" button.
    4. You'll be prompted to enter your permit number (i.e.-P20BP#####) and the desired inspection number (i.e.-0120, 2090, 1090, 0190), these can be found on the permit that was Emailed to the contact provided on the permit application.

    Note: For large commercial projects, residential roof and wall nail/bracing, intermediate, and final inspections, it is recommended that you schedule back to back or consecutive appointments.

    Receiving Your Call on Skype

    1. Make sure your device has a full battery charge.
    2. Respond to any Skype contact request received from Pima County staff.
    3. Be ready to accept your call at least 10 min. before your scheduled appointment.
    4. Have recommended tools available as outlined above.
    5. Switch your phone to 'Do Not Disturb' to avoid disruption, as this will cause delays with your inspection.

      Apple iOS:

      • Swipe down at the battery symbol or up from the home button.
      • Tap the crescent moon (Do Not Disturb) icon.


      • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
      • Tap the 'Do Not Disturb' icon.
    6. Reminder: Don't forget to turn off 'Do Not Disturb' after your inspection.
    7. For best audio results, use head phones with a microphone.
    8. Ensure power tools and equipment are powered off.

    The Inspection

    1. Start your inspection at the street looking towards the structure to confirm the address.
    2. Follow the directions of the Inspector (i.e.-Pan, Tilt, Move, etc...)
    3. Walk the inspection at the direction of the Inspector.
    4. Take note of any corrections that need to be made.


    Inspector will notify you of approval to proceed. Congratulations!


    • The Inspector will update your record upon completion of the call. Comments can be verified by visiting Permits.Pima.Gov.
    • The Inspector may assess additional fees for re-inspections if required.
    • Scheduling re-inspections the same day may be possible if there are available appointments.
    • Depending on project, time, or correction type the inspector may request photos or a video of corrections be sent through Skype or to remote.inspection@pima.gov.

    I never received a call on Skype.

    Reasons for a missed Skype call vary. The following are just a few items you can try to resolve common issues.
    • Ensure that you have a good signal.
    • Be sure that you have the Skype application open to receive notification of an incoming call.  
    • Respond to any messages you've received from Pima County staff. 
    • Avoid answering incoming phone calls around the scheduled time of your inspection.
    • Double check your appointment date and time.

    Call keeps pausing or dropped.

    • Turn on your devices 'Do not disturb' setting. 
    • Ensure your device is cool in temperature to avoid overheating.
    • Make sure the area you're in has good mobile coverage.
    • Charge your device prior to your inspection.

    I can't hear the Inspector.

    • Avoid having power tools running during the inspection.
    • Check to see if you're connected to a near by Bluetooth signal (Example: Headset, Vehicle, etc...)
    • Charge the batteries in any wireless ear phones.
    • Check your devices Audio settings are set correctly.

    The Inspector Can't hear me.

    • Power tools and banging can be picked up very easily by any microphone, 
    • Verify that your not connected any other Bluetooth devices not being used.
    • Ensure your headset is fully charged.
    • Check your devices Microphone settings are set correctly.

    I can't access my Skype account.

    • You may have more than on Skype account.
    • Make sure you're using the correct Skype username and password.
    • Try accessing your Skype account from another device.
    • Your Microsoft account may be locked due to suspicious activity.
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