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  • PC-HYDRO Version 6.0 now available for use

    Jul 07, 2015 | Read More News
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    PC-HYDRO 6.0 Hydrologic Modeling Software

    PC-HYDRO 6 is a new web interface that executes the Pima County Hydrology Procedure equations and is now available. Rather than a stand-alone program installed on your local machine PC-HYDRO 6.0 is run through the internet.

    Some key facts about PC HYDRO 6.0:

    • The Pima County Hydrology Procedures outlined in the PC-HYDRO V 5 User Guide are now executable via this new web interface.
    • The required data entry has been streamlined to a single page.
    • The application links directly to the NOAA Atlas 14 (upper 90% values) data to ensure the most recent data is accessed for the calculations.
    • The numeric solution to the Time of Concentration is more precise than in PC-Hydro 5.
    • A GoogleMaps inset is available for you to pan to your watershed centroid for easy access to the project latitude/longitude.
    • Input may be either entered directly to the interface or via a saved .pk5 file.
    • Output options are the same as with PC-HYDRO 5.x; a pdf of the output file or a hydrograph.


    Hydrologic calculations for submittal to Pima County in accordance with Technical Policy 015, Acceptable Methods for Determining Peak Discharges, may now be performed either with PC-HYDRO 6.0 or with PC-HYDRO 5..  Since PC-HYDRO 6.0 uses the latest rainfall data, use of PC-HYDRO 6.0 is preferred.  The District does not plan to continue to support a non-web version of PC-HYDRO and version 5 will eventually be retired. In the event internet access is not available, PC Hydro 5.4.3 may still be downloaded at the PC-HYDRO page.